IMHO russian products should remain where they are, not to be resold.
I have one. Bought when they first came out. Took awhile to sort it out. Triggers absolutely SUCKED. Rough, gritty and HEAVY. Also required a lot of effort to cock. Took it to a gunsmith who sorted out the triggers and cocking. Put an old Weaver 2.5x on it. Got it regulated with some warm 405 gr Rem soft points and took it to Namibia twice. Only killed a few gemsbok with it. Longest shot was only 130-135m or so. It dumped them like a sack of potatoes or they'd only run a dozen meters or so. Still have it and it's lots of fun. Haven't had it out in a few years......think I'll give it a little range time this weekend.

Have a little PG culling trip to Bots this Aug......maybe it will make the trip.......huummm.
Just a side note if anyone is interested. In addition to automatically setting the safety when cocking, it has this kind of quirky "half open/half closed" position. When it's in this position, the action is closed just enough so the loaded rounds won't fall out.

I called Remington and they said they didn't know why. On an odd whim, I emailed Biakal directly. Less than 48 hrs. later I got a response (in English) that it the design was on purpose as an extra safety feature. The rifle can be safely carried while cocked with loaded rounds in the chambers with the action in this "half" setting without worrying about them falling out.
My mate had one - it was a lot of fun.

He called it his 'Russian Rigby' :ROFLMAO:
Just the normal the engine room. Copper solids are the most effective. ;):ROFLMAO:

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