double rifle

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    Dismal River Armory / Reviews

    Looking for reviews on Dismal River Armory. Has anyone ever done business with them. Website Thanks 275
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    For Sale B. Searcy & Co. Double Rifle/Shotgun In 500 Nitro Express & 12 Gauge (3 Inch)

    SEARCY DELUXE BOXLOCK TWO BARREL SET IN 500 NITRO EXPRESS 3 INCH AND 12 GAUGE 3 INCH. This double rifle barrel is 24 inches mono-block with double underlugs, optional peep sight, express mid sight, and caterpillar (semi-beaver tail) front sight. The optional extra 12 gauge barrels are 28 inches...
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    Do different ammo loads affect double rifle accuracy?

    I'm new to double rifles, so I'm a bit ignorant of all the little nuances that come with such a rifle. In my research I've seen people talking about how each gun is regulated for a certain grain bullet and load. So my question is, if you use a different type of ammo will it affect the accuracy...
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    Anyone Selling Double Rifles

    Does Anyone know someone selling a 375 or 416 for sale in South Africa at the moment if you do please could you get back to me
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    375 or 450/400 double rifle

    Does anyone know a seller for a 375 or 450/400 double if so please could someone help me
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    Rifle appraisal

    Hi- I own a Rigby rifle in a .350 that was re-bored into a .375 Flanged sometime in the 1990s Rigby Believes. They told me the rifle was sold in 1903 to Charles Bulpett who a lot of know was a fairly famous British hunter in Kenya, wrote a few books, etc. My question is if I decided I wanted...
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    .470 Nitro Double Rifle For Sale

    One of a kind Giulio Bernardelli .470 Nitro double rifle for sale. Built in 2018 in Gardone Italy. This is a one of a kind rifle by one of the greatest families in gun making history. Even the leather case is exquisite. I will deliver the rifle in person to your FFL or you can come pick up...
  8. Jager Waffen74

    For Sale .470 NE Ammunition $85

    I am selling 14 rounds of .470 NE ammo. I have 7 solids 500gr. Barnes Solids and 7 500gr. Soft Points. It was custom loaded by a company out of Montana, and is loaded in Jamison Brass. These are quality loads and have used them in the field. I no longer own a .470 so here they are. I don't...
  9. pamtnman

    Question: single sling swivel on rifle

    Years ago a cool 1905 nitro double rifle found its way to me. Made for the Scots Highlands, it has enough oomph for the smaller African critters. The Scottish family who owned the rifle still has tea and coffee plantations in Kenya, and at some point the rifle had made its way from Perthshire to...
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    Looking for a double rifle in South Africa

    Does anybody know of a double for sale in SA? 500NE or a 470NE

    Buffalo Hunt For The Books!

    This is my first attempt at writing about one of my guiding experiences so please excuse me if it is not the best but I hope you all enjoy it in these quieter times! This story begins a few years back. It was one of the finest Buffalo hunts I’ve been privileged enough to be a part of as well as...
  12. S

    Rigby made in California......any experience

    Found a California built Rigby double rifle! Does anyone have any experience with one?
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    Verney Carron Azure PH In 500 Nitro Express Caliber For Sale

    For sale is a very fine Verney Carron Azure PH in 500 Nitro Express Caliber. Handmade in France in Atelier Verney Carron’s workshop by master gunsmith’s. This rifle has beautiful walnut with dark chocolate and butterscotch tones. Finely hand checkered stock and forearm. Fine hand engraved...
  14. 1dirthawker

    For Sale Antonio Zoli 9.3 x 74R

    to all, i am thinning the herd so to speak, (gonna go back to Africa) and getting rid of one of my 9.3 x 74r o/u double rifles. this one is a Zoli, single trigger, coin finish receiver, pretty nice wood, trim and relatively light weight. ( i will weigh it later, guessing around 7.5#. has a...
  15. MMAL

    EuroOptic Sale - Merkel Double Rifles

    For those dreaming of a double these are pretty good prices. Don't own a Merkel or have I ever shot one. Just an FYI for the community.
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    Verney Carron PH 500 Nitro Express For Sale

    First owner took it to a Africa once. Great condition but some minor handling marks, scratches under the forearm wood but they are not visible when assembled. I hate to sell it. It’s beautiful. $12,000 face to face in Nashville, TN. Or will ship on your dime once payment is cleared. Might...
  17. markferrigno

    Heym 26B Luxus Double Rifle 7x65R For Sale

    Hi All, I am selling my Heym Luxus 26B. It is chambered in 7x65R and regulated with Geco ammo (which I have plenty of and will also offer for sale) Shoots great with S&B as well (POI is off by less than 1/2") . It is the Luxus model with upgraded wood and engraving on the receiver (Wild Boar...
  18. 1dirthawker

    SOUTH AFRICA: Cape Buffalo Hunt

    hey guys, well, i've been back about 10 days from sunny south africa, figured i should write up a short report. i booked a hunt in 2017, with izak kirsten, owner of WOW Africa. booked for oct of 2018, thats when izak was available to hunt with my buddy rob and i. i took my zoli u/u 450-400...
  19. Bullthrower338

    Merkel 140 Safari 470 NE For Sale

    I am posting this rifle here first and see if there are any members interested first. This is a great rifle and shoots great, Why am I selling it? To fund another hunt and new Double Rifle as even I can’t convince myself that I need two 470’s. I came across this rifle from the original owner...
  20. A

    Sidelock HEYM 71d?

    Has anyone ever heard of a HEYM model 71d sidelock? Any opinions on the model, if you have?
  21. Tom Hawk

    The Double Barrel, Bolt Action Rifle The Double-Barrel, Bolt Action Rifle The motivation for the man who designed it? Being charged by three elephants simultaneously. By David Maccar January 24, 2017 The motivation for the man who designed it? Being charged by three...
  22. Peter Larsson

    10,75X65R Grundig?

    Anyone who knows anything about 10,75 x65R Grundig? Have tried to find info on the net but can't find anything. Is it enough for big game?
  23. G

    Krieghoff Classic Big 5 470 NE

    Like new Krieghoff Double rifle in 470 Nitro Express for sale ( No ejectors, extractors only). Rifle has fired less than 10 shots. Location Sweden. Price 6500 Euro. Included is 100 rounds of factory ammo. Norma and Krieghoff, both softs and solids. Export is for buyers account and arrangements.