1. Second 7mm

    Second 7mm

  2. Remington 700 7mm

    Remington 700 7mm

  3. Jager Waffen74

    For Sale Remington Special Field 11-87 20 Gauge

    Remington 11-87 premier 20 gauge special field. Shoots 2 3/4 inch or 3 inch shells. It has a 23 inch Rem choke barrel with one choke and English stock. Gun is in 97% or better condition, bluing looks perfect. These are pretty hard to come by guns and will be going forward with Remington done. Am...
  4. Jager Waffen74

    Remington 20 Gauge Accutip Sabot Slugs

    Am selling 9 boxes of Bran new Remington 20ga. Accutip Sabot Slugs. These are in high demand and will shoot 200yds leathally. 208-985-4049 $300.00 shipped to your door!
  5. Jager Waffen74

    For Sale Remington 1187 Sporting Clays 12 Gauge Stunning Wood

    I am selling my 1187 sporting clays model. This is an older gun close to new. Pre- j lock so it is a good one. It comes with 5 extended chokes, has 1187 target trigger that breaks super clean. Gun has beautiful wood. It is in excellent condition. Asking $1000.00 or b/o
  6. Jager Waffen74

    For Sale Custom .280 Ackley Improved Sheep Rifle $1,550 Shipped

    I am selling this for a friend. So here it is. Built by Kevin Weaver of CO. It started out as a stainless .280 mountain rifle, that the action was blue printed, skeletonized, bolt fluted, and re-chambered from .280 to the .280 AI. It is bedded into a KS Mountain rifle stock. The stock was custom...
  7. Jager Waffen74

    For Sale Axiom Thumbhole Chassis For LA 700 Or Clones $100

    BLACKHAWK! Axiom TH Thumbhole Rifle Stock combines the award winning design of the Axiom Rifle stock with the ergonomic pistol-grip style thumbhole stock for improved accuracy, quicker target acquisition, steady firearm control and the ability to comfortably use the rifle in a variety of...
  8. Jager Waffen74

    For Sale 1187 20 Gauge Special Field English Stock Rare

    I am selling my 1187 20ga. Special Field These are the holy grail of the special field models. It has 24" Vented rib barrel, English stock and choke tubes. It comes with the embellished receiver, and this is an early Remington from early 2000's. Asking 1200.00 shipped CONUS to your FFL This...
  9. Jager Waffen74

    For Sale Remington 541T .22LR Rare..

    I am selling my Remington 541T bolt action .22LR. The rifle is in 98% or better condition, bluing is perfect. These rifles are highly sought after for their match grade accuracy and precision. They are regarded as rather rare. The rifle is in impeccable condition and are selling for more money...
  10. Jager Waffen74

    Any idea of used value of this Rifle??? Custom Dangerous Game

    I am wanting to know what I should be asking for this rifle, I was originally asking 5700.00 with the scope, but I just sold the scope, so anyone know what the rifle is worth to someone?? When it was built they were around 6k-6500.00 Now they are selling for 8k from Mr. Christman if you can get...
  11. NickyMaz

    My next rifle, 35 Whelen?

    Greetings, I am thinking about my next rifle. I currently have a .30-06 Tikka T3 and I just got a Kimber in 6.5 Creedmore. The Kimber is a sweet little rifle and I can't wait to take it out to the range. My thinking is to use the 6.5 for deer size game, but I want a rifle for larger creatures...
  12. Rifles Ready for Africa

    Rifles Ready for Africa

    My ladies are finally all dressed up, blinged out and ready to go. Just a quick trip to U.S. Customs is needed. Burris Optics and Galco Gun Leather are sponsors of our hunt. Only 69 days to go.....but no one is counting. LOL
  13. Back a the Rifle Range Prepping for Africa

    Back a the Rifle Range Prepping for Africa

    Finally getting back to the rifle range to get ready for my hunt in the Eastern Cape this summer. Starting with lower caliber rifles (like this Remington 700 VTR .223) and building my way back up to the big girl guns. All in an effort to prevent flinching.
  14. Warthog


    Austin's Warthog taken at 70 yards with a Remington 700 7mm Rem Mag with Theuns Cloete, PH at Tarentaalrand Safari Lodge