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Aug 23, 2012
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Hello,and apologies if this topic has been asked before.

I am considering purchasing a 416 Rigby and have been advised to go for the CZ550

I have also been informed that it requires gunsmith attention but after the work is done the rifle becomes a winner.

I live in South Africa and would use the rifle in Africa.

I would appreciate your views and comments on the CZ as well as other makes in the same price range.
I bought mine used but it showed as if it had never been shot. It's hard to tell what if anything was done to it before it got to me. The trigger on mine either needs to be worked over by a gunsmith or replaced, lots of creep. Many say they must be worked over a bit to feed properly, I never experience this. With 400gr North Fork bonded cores and 103gr of H4831SC, it is very accurate.

I'm actually considering selling mine as I'm thinking about a different direction for a big bore, too bad you're in RSA as I believe it quite difficult to transfer firearms abroad.
every gun shop that I have spoken to has informed me that they do need to be worked on,and none have had a bad comment about the rifle but stressed that it definitely needs attention.
or...you might could find an older Ruger RSM in 416..
The CZ requires a bit of smoothing up..nothing big but it helps. Tip Burns here in the US is good for that so is Wayne at AHR. You might want to call them tell them where you are and what you need to do...to get it working up to par...

I was at a gun show this weekend and say a super nice gen 1 Ruger RSM in 416 Rigby...for $1150 it was a good buy!!!

You will love the Rigby it is quite a hammer. I used one on a GIraffe 2 years ago on safari... Here is the video:

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Smoothing up the bolt a little can work and working the trigger a little, as for feeding I have never seen a CZ with feeding or extracting issues, if it happens it is few and far between,

For a working rifle you just can't go wrong it will give you decades of faith full service.

My best always
I purchased a CZ550 in 416 rigby recently, about 3 months ago.
It definately needs work on the trigger, I am not a fan of the set trigger and there is a lot of creep in the trigger when used normally.
The bolt was a little sticky, but that is nothing to worry about, cycle the bolt with a lot of oil and it soon wears into its 'groove' and all is good.
I am very happy with mine, although i will still be doing something with the trigger as soon as i can. we dont have any gunsmiths here.
As for the caliber, it is a very good round. i was hoping for a buff hunt this year as part of the residents hunting licence issues here, but alas ZAWA had its usual hiccups.
i do not think the recoil is all that bad, i am not a big guy but it is really easy for me to put three quick shots into a target without any trouble.
Buy it and enjoy it!!
hi pete didnt you make it to to tondwa in the end then? you will have to come and try out the .416 when i am back on something at ours.:)

Mike, i did go into Tondwa, got back yesterday, I am still at the lake. driving home tomorrow.
We had a bundle of animals by the end of this fiasco with ZAWA, they increased the quota's at the last minute and had no one to buy the licences, so i did!! :)
Managed a couple of puku and warthog. there was not too much out, and with all the rains we couldnt get to all the plains, the grass was very long as well.
i was stuck with those prvi ammo, never never never again!! took a longer shot at a puku (one of 3 on licence) and first shot was great, right where i expected it. second shot hit the ground about 100yards in front of the animal! i'm no sniper, but i think i am better than that. took a shot at a reedbuck from about the same distance and the impact in the ground indicated it flew about 1.5ft above its shoulder!!
i would have had better luck with open sights ont he 416!!
let me know when you are out next and we can get together for another drink!
505..Indeed a Ruger RSM in 416 Rigby for $1150 was a steal!!..assuming it was in great shape. I was lucky enough to find one from a friend of mine..mint 100% with leupold 1.5-5 on it. Iv'e never shot a 416 before so am looking forward to shoot this one.
I had a CZ550 magnum in .416 Rigby. The feeding problem that I experienced was always with the last round in the magazine. I am no expert but one problem was the factory magazine follower has a lot of play and would tilt forward to far. I sent this rifle to Wayne at AHR, he massaged the feed rails and follower and it was 100% reliable thereafter! Can't thank him enough for that! I could never get the trigger to be to my satisfaction. An economical fix is to replace with a Timney preset to your desired weight. I love set triggers for bench work, but I could never get that one right.
Have a CZ550 now in 404. It started life as a .375(rebored) with the same feeding problem, last round in the mag. I was able to adjust the factory trigger on this one good enough that I don't feel the need to replace it.
Hope this helps.
thanks for the replies and confirmation of what I have been told,I still think the cz is the best value for money.
I have a CZ .416 lux. No problems at all - no extra work done. Stock standard.
I have the CZ in 375. The only feeding issue I had was the brass got a little scratched coming out of the mag box. I had Wayne at AHR slick it up and now there is no issue.

As other's have mentioned, they are great working rifles and can be slicked up to something even more. I'd say get one, then shoot it some to see if any issues arise. I know the ZKK-602 was popular in Africa, so I am sure there are some gunsmiths in your region of the world who can address any issues you may find. Any competent gunsmith should be able tackle smoothing out the rails and feeding though.
I've had mine (in .375) for more than a year now - no real problems with anything. It was a little sticky at first, but after shooting about 100 rounds (not at the same sitting) it smoothed out fine. Trigger has not been a problem for me, but I'm an American who is grew up with lever guns and Remington pumps, so I've probably never had a really good trigger.
I've had mine (in .375) for more than a year now - no real problems with anything. It was a little sticky at first, but after shooting about 100 rounds (not at the same sitting) it smoothed out fine. Trigger has not been a problem for me, but I'm an American who is grew up with lever guns and Remington pumps, so I've probably never had a really good trigger.

I agree with what you are saying. I think the CZ doesn't need major work, just some good old shooting. I think some of the guns are a little rougher than others though.
I think I am going to buy the rifle and have some work done to it.


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Do you still have this rifle? I'm in the KC area on business and I'm very interested.
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