.318 Westley Richards

Bring the 275 and a 318......only one gun case :E Shrug: :D Beers:
I genuinely hate lugging two rifles. :confused: I'll bring one or the other. Now, were I truly practical, I would simply bring the R8 and caliber de jour. :cool:
I genuinely hate lugging two rifles. :confused: I'll bring one or the other. Now, were I truly practical, I would simply bring the R8 and caliber de jour. :cool:
I think that was @spike.t asking to shoot your 318
They would have to partner with Hornady to make ammo. And well bullets!
Yes, 205Gr if I recall correctly. Unfortunately it’s an exclusive with Grafs and they wouldn’t sell any elsewhere, even overseas, when I asked. Otherwise I’d have one already.

thinking out loud - I wouldn’t mind a 180 or 200Gr Barnes…..
Hmmm... I don't see this Hornady offering on Graf's Web site.

I buy mine either from the various distributors of Woodleigh products, or from Hawk's Bullets--the latter even gives you an option on jacket thickness.
Yep, finding a decent selection of .329 or .330 bullets is, and has been the issue with the 318 WR. The only thing I see re: that odd 8mm Hungarian caliber is a 208 gr FMJ BT bullet shown on the Huntington Die Specialties site. They have the Graf name associated with them?? Otherwise, I think Woodleigh or Hawk is about it for the 318.
Just a teensy, weensy little point ..... (actually, digression is a better word)

On another forum of which I am a member, the (then) Rigby management used to post interesting pages from their records.

This one posting showed a page from their order book for a 275 Rigby for someone called Elizabeth Windsor ordered by whoever the King was at the time. So a 7x57 for HMQEII (or to to you guys who weren't from the Colonies or Dominions, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second).

I found it very interesting that the date was in 1942, when the war was in full swing. OK, the Brits had now gotten the USA onside, so they were 100% sure that even if they wouldn't win, they were certainly not going to lose, but I would have thought that all those gunsmiths would have been off at the Royal Small Arms factories somewhere bedding sniper rifles or something. When I mentioned this, the Rigby guy got very snotty and asked me what I would do if my king wanted a gun - not the point I was making, I thought, but ....

There were other orders on the same page, but although the handwriting was a work of art akin to calligraphy, I found it really difficult to read .... so they were actually still doing other work.
Actually the likes of Rigby and Holland and Holland were used to set up sniper rifles in both P14 and SMLE. The factory would pick the most accurate 10 rifles out of a batch of a thousand I think and these were sent off for further work for sniper rifles. To tell if it is a proper sniper set up on an SMLE the buttock needs to be removed and it is stamped into the wood that goes into the but socket. I have only seen one that had the H stamp on it..
The latter No4 Mk1 sniper rifles came in there own crate with scope mout and scope all serial numbered to the rifle.the rifle also had the screw on cheek rest added.

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