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  • DUGABOY1, Your remarks on a double rifles suitability for North American hunting are extraordinary! You only seem to strengthen my resolve to buy as many as my meager income will ever allow me to! I'm currently in the process of buying an old SxS shotgun and having it 'sleeved' to accommodate the 450/400 Nitro Express 3-1/4 caliber. Count me in as another person desiring to join the Double Rifle Shooters Society! Let me know how this can be accomplished and what needs to be done to do so!!
    Also, keep up the good writing. As long as you write it, I'll keep reading it!!

    Elijah S. Corrigan
    Hi Mac,

    Thank you so much for the message . I would be more than glad to be a member of the DRSS brotherhood ,as I have been a ardent fan of DBBL rifles & have quite a little collection in BPEs & NEs .

    We have a .280 NE side lock by JW Tolley, .500 BPE by Lyon & Lyon , .360 No.2 cordite box (3-1/4) lock by Manton & Co., 350 Cordite by John Rigby's & .12 gauge dbbl by Westley Richards paradox which fires Explora rounds & the most prized possessions are the 2 doubles .375 H&H Magnum Deluxe grade (Flanged) & the famed .470 NE By John Rigby's in case hardened box lock both the rifles came to us in 1950s & have been with us since then , the family had many more doubles but lots of them were either transfered or sold long back I was too young to realize their worth , only could retain on to these few fine ones .

    Sorry to hear about sad demise of Paul's wife , may Lord give him all the strength to bear this irrecoverable loss.

    Take care

    Best Regards

    Hi Dugaboy,

    Wish to know how can I be a member of the DRSS ??? can it be done on line.

    Thanks & Regards

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I’m interested in the 10.75 Mauser if you still have it. Do you have dies or any brass available?
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welcome to the forum.if you have any questions please feel free at any time .