Zoom Safari... it's about to happen!

I'm in please invite me to this meeting.
Count me in. I would like to attend the Zoom conference on the 28th.
I would like to attend your zoom safari!.....I live in South Africa but I will be there for the live chat at 2am
I'd like to be in! Sure it'll be a fun zoom!
Count me in please!
I would like to be on the zoom call!
Would like to attend Zoom meeting. 1. Discuss best location today to hunt trophy Cape buffalo. 2. Discuss hunting same with archery. Thanks, looking forward to the call.
Breaking new ground...

Be a part of the first "Zoom Safari" on AH!
Hosted by me Nathan Askew from @Bullet Safaris

We will have a live Zoom video and audio chat with AH members on the topic of...
wait for it...

Dangerous Game Hunting!

All are welcome and we need all types...
Experienced dangerous game hunter to those who are just now thinking about it.
Men and Women.
Younger hunters and older hunters.
New AH members to old hands on the site.

This will be an interactive fun meeting. We all will have the chance to talk, listen and share ideas or experience.

If you haven't had the chance to zoom yet, you can check it out at https://zoom.us/
You can download the app for free to participate - no subscription needed.

Thursday, May 28, 2020 at 8pm central time (one week from now)

Ideas / Format:
Limited to a certain number of guests. You can confirm here and now by replying to this thread.

The chat will be video recorded and posted. The goal of the recording is to help educate future hunters on the World Wide Web. These future hunters will undoubtedly have many of the same questions one day - it's the information age and it our job as hunters to get the right information out there.

If you sign up please plan to attend in person with video for the duration of the meeting.

We will set our sights on a 1 hour time limit.

You should please send me 2 to 4 questions via the AH PM system along with your the name you wish to use in the meeting. Please send questions by Wednesday via the PM system.

I will then send you a Zoom invitation code via AH private message for the chat so you can join in.

The meeting will progress through the best or most interesting questions followed by a good discussion and associated stories or smart ass comments!

Simple, casual, fun... make a sundowner and let's give this a try!

I think itll be interesting!

- Nathan Askew

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i'd like to attend Nathan
Nathan it seems the Zoom Safari is filling up quickly but if still room I'd love to attend. If not, I look forward to seeing the recording. I'll PM some questions.

Nathan great idea enjoy it guys and gals.
I'd like to attend if room is still available.
Hello to everyone - Thanks for the large amount of interest, this is going to be fun!

I have been slammed with work yesterday and today BUT this evening I will be going through each message and PM sent to me.

Thanks for your patience - I will be replying soon to the PM messages sent and catching up on comments here.
- Nate

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