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Mar 3, 2020
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Its been a couple weeks after my 10 day Elephant hunt with Wayne has unfolded. I booked this hunt from seeing an add on this forum. With Wayne’s pricing it seemed to good to be true, but after researching and reaching out to people who have hunted with him I took the chance. From young age I’ve dreamed of Africa reading everything I could get my hands on and honestly with Wayne’s pricing it gives a blue collar working guy like me a chance to full fill that life long dream to chase an elephant of my own instead of living in somebody else’s hunt and story. So I booked for first part of March, which was little over year out for me to get ready.

This would be my 3rd trip to Africa previously hunted cape buffalo in Zim with CMS and PG with Karoo Safaris. So not completely new but completely new if you know what I mean. So me being me I decide my 378wby would work but you know if the right rifle showed itself I might just need a true elephant rifle I told myself. Well in classifieds a beautiful 460wby showed up. I couldn’t resist it, it was to good to pass up. So now I had an Elephant Gun!!!! So i topped it off with a Trijicon red dot sight and loaded up some 500gr CEB solids and got to practicing. Rocks, Jack Rabbits, Deer, and Pigs weren’t safe I shot as much as I could. Which by the way it kicks like a castrated camel but was manageable with right form and practice.

Gracy Travel handled all are travel and arrangements needed and went flawlessly just like the past two times and before I knew it Wayne was picking my Dad and I up at the Bulawayo airport and we were off to camp.

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Been talking w Wayne, excited for your report
Keep it coming.
look forward to reading this one too
Day 1 of my hunt we got into big herd of 40-50 elephants that had couple bulls in it. The first interaction had cows and calves 25-30 yards away with bulls just beyond that. As we worked to get a better look at the bulls a group of cows and calves came up out of canyon beside us. That's when all hell broke loose and next thing here came bunch cows charging and screaming at us. This was first encounter that I've ever had with any elephant let alone bunch pissed off cows, it was intense, I can still hear the screams and the look in the lead cows eyes. I've never felt anything on earth like that before period. After a lot of screaming and yelling at mere yards away they went the other way and took the herd with them. After checking the britches, and the nerves calming down we took up the trail. We followed along with the wind right and just skirting the herd until we finally caught up and got a look at a bull that had good enough ivory as well as an old injury that what looked like a broken right leg. Which was good cause he was always in back of the herd due to the slower pace. A couple more close interactions undetected from the herd we finally got it right and the bull stepped clear. The 460wby came up and after the magazine of 3 was empty and 2 from ph's 458 lott for little extra insurance I had just taken my first elephant.
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Congratulations Todd!

Perfect to take an old and injured animal. Great work. How were the shot placements and bullet performance? Interested to hear those details. Congratulations.
Fantastic! What camp did you hunt out of?
Very nice bull............hope to hear the rest, and maybe see one of those CEB solids recovered....FWB
Congratulations! Is this an exportable ele or not?
I will be hunting Elephant in 20 days, I've been jacked since I booked at DSC in January, now I'm really jacked reading your report
by the way Great job
Keep it coming! Good start to a good hunt report!
That was a great hunt, congrats.

And a good trophy too !
Congratulations! Taking a old injured bull is the right way to start your hunt.

Cows are a special kinda dangerous game. They will keep you on your toes and wondering what you did in a past life to offend them.

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