Woodleigh Bullets - re-opening ?


Here is great news from the Woodleigh website. Great news for the hunting community and Australian manufacturing.

I also happen to know that @Tim Blackwell is currently hunting in Africa with @Mark R using Woodleigh Bullets.

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Great news for the McDonald family!
I spoke to Geoff yesterday and he reckons he's about six months away from full start-up. Initial production will be along the lines of 9,3, .358, .375 and .338. He was confident that things would be back to normal pretty soon. Altogether, good news!
Production hasn't restarted but will relatively soon. First up is .375, and thereafter the more mainstream offerings. I doubt if FMJ's will be made soon again, and the same goes for many of the real oddballs.

Some of the machines have been refurbished and others are in the final stages of refurbishment, so the wheels should start to turn in anger in a month or two's time.
This is welcome news. Hornady are relatively available in SA too. What is needed is consistent supply of consustent bullets and cases, these little 'try me I am the best' pop-up companies are not it.
I think they had contracts with Norma or one of the big name companies. Hopefully this means there is a real need to continue producing the oddball stuff and the traditional bullets for those who need it.
Hopefully rebuilding means someone will want to buy the company and take it into the future giving the owners the satisfaction of leaving a legacy and recouping money from their investment.

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