Wheels up Monday - Any last minute advise for a first time safari


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Sep 7, 2016
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well it finally has arrived. Been planning this trip for five years and booked two years ago. Going with limcroma so I know I’m have a top notch outfitter. Have my animals set and going for 12 days. I packed but did not over pack. Downloaded movies for the 16 hour flight and I am dialed in with my bow. Is there anything that you wished you had packed or thought would have been nice to have after you went on your first safari
Good luck and shoot straight, take lots of pictures. Hope you have a journal so you can post a report for all of us that are stuck at home this year.
Very exciting! Best of luck!

Good that you didn't overpack. First safari I wish I would have kept a journal and brought a headlamp or small flashlight. Don't forget sunscreen and chapstick!

Enjoy your hunt!
Don't go over packing now.
Enjoy your hunt.
Noise cancelling headset. I got the Bose for a present and would not get on any aircraft without them. Also, the South Africa electrical outlet adapter.
Congrats on finally making it. Good Luck & safe travels.
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Bose headset is a miracle thing - kind of like atomic energy or antibiotics. Take pictures of everything- not just hero shots.
Have a great time and take extra memory cards for tons of pictures! Some type of insect material for your shoes /clothes is always a good idea.

And take extra money ...
Sounds like you got it all. Have a great trip.

The picture thing everybody is mentioning is 100% right. When I got home most of pictures were trophy shots, really wished I had taken more pictures of everything to share with my wife and kiddos.
Write down the days events every night in a journal. I even wrote down the food I ate and the names of people I met.
My predecessor posters about covered it I believe. Whatever you take, you will probably take less on your second trip. Good luck on the trip. You will have the time of your life!!!
Write down everything, every night, makes great reading later on.

Enjoy every minute! Good Luck Brother!
Great suggestions here.....$$$ being the best, noise cancelling head phones are a must for me on plane now, pics of everything, and make notes.

Relax, things sometimes happen on Africa time, roll with it and it all work out.
Travel insurance, medivac insurance, Global Rescue, Ripcord, etc. Don't leave home without it. Unless you are Warren Buffet, a catastrophic medical condition could cause you to live in a tent for the rest of your life.
Relax and enjoy Africa, and yes, take tons of pics.
Everything has mostly been said. Go, have fun, shoot straight, and don't sweat the small stuff....things will work out....there is always time for a "new" plan. Soak in every moment. You will shortly be in Africa!
Do what I do and write a daily report and upload it here. Everyone seems to enjoy that, makes us feel as where there with you. I remember my first safari for leopard I had members checking in the middle of the night to see if I connected. Have a blast!
cold meds, an antibiotic and diarrea meds. You just never know.

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