What TV hunting personality?

My thoughts exactly. I have been in hunting camps with some of the tv personalities and found almost without exception they were a little full of themselves.
a very long time ago I worked at an outdoor store in Idaho and we had the occasional celebrity hunter come in and the fawning and red carpeting for these people was unreal - and yes, I’m surprised they could get in the door with such inflated egos.

One thing to consider too is that things show on TV are almost guaranteed not to be the way things are in real life. It’s all simulacra. The amount of fixing, assistance, packers, etc that go into making a show successful turns the operation (especially NA shows) is unreal. Reality TV turns out not to be.
…One thing to consider too is that things show on TV are almost guaranteed not to be the way things are in real life….
That is so true, and I’m not talking reality TV but rather regular outdoor TV shows from long before the Internet. I was in a number of them and the star of a local one and they did what they had to to “get it in the can”.
Interesting question. Melissa Bachman for sure in a remote location :ROFLMAO: , but I don't know if my wife would approve. In all seriousness, I don't think I could pick anyone. Not interested at all.

Tom McMillan, he's hilarious on his show and it seems real, but who knows
I am not looking to cast aspersions on any of these TV hunters or their fans. For me, though, the type of personality that makes a person successful on television and promoting advertisers is not one that aligns well with my own.
I would NOT hunt with most of those TV hunting personalities. They are making a living off what they publish in print, online, or on TV. One reads of or watches a near perfect hunt where Joe Cool rarely makes a mistake. I’ve met some in person I haven’t found the TV personality. They could have cared less about talking to me. Buy my book and move on... Heck, a couple seemed to suck the air out of the room!

I have however met and very much enjoyed conversing with Ivan Carter, Buzz Charleton, and Olympic shooter Gabby Franco. I also had the pleasure of conversing with our own @Philip Glass who makes helpful hunting videos without compensation. I'd hunt with Philip and I'd sure we'd have some lively point-counterpoint discussions around the campfire about loading ammunition, custom rifles, and other technical subjects! :)

Rather than TV hunter goofballs, Buy My Products, or other self-promoters, I’d rather hunt with some of the folks on Africa Hunting .com.

The above stated, I’d sure as heck go pheasant with Governor Kristi Noem as my guide.



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Live 2 Hunt - Cody Robbins and Steve Rinella
For me I would either go with J Alan Smith going for a big old safari in Tanzania, or I would go with Jim Shockey for some mountain hunting.
I would also like to mention TIA(This Is Africa)
I don't watch enough TV to know, but it would be an elephant hunt somewhere.
You might be surprised to discover hunting with a celebrity is not as satisfying as you had hoped. No matter how nice and courteous the celebrity is, the staff and PHs often are focused on serving the famous. Other hunters get somewhat by passed. Even if the celeb tries hard to make sure others get their share of attention. If i pay for the hunt, I don’t want distractions. For example live camera can be a painful distraction on a special animal stalk. I am not complaining, i just want to enjoy my Africa on my terms. Maybe I am a bit of a loner who has enjoyed 75 years of very serious big game hunting. I am not envious of celebrities. Oh, I am not including famous PHs in these comments.
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Andy and Michelle are brother and sister. Michelle married Chad the hunter that was on most of their shows and is now here in the states.

If memory serves.....
Can't think of a "TV Personality" I would want to hunt, or share a hunt, with. While Chad Allen has featured in several hunting videos ( usually with Michelle ) I would guess he's not the type branding himself a TV Personality. Too real and humble to think that way.
I have met Chad a couple of times and enjoyed some brief discussions. I think what immediately struck me was the unmistakeable passion for and love of hunting in his soul, and how his eyes light up when talking hunting. That level of enthusiasm stokes my own hunting aspirations while relishing the presence of a kindred hunter. Chad is undeniably a gentleman. During one of our discussions I happened to mention I was struggling to find a clothing item my PH recommended I bring. He knew someone in Zim who would be in my camp and said he could possibly help. I sort of forgot about it and didn't find the item myself and thought I'd make do without. Anyway, I arrived in camp and was presented with the item, much to my surprise.
A successful businessman but no blowhard. Chad built himself up by starting from the bottom and working hard. I would guess he earned every inch of the status he enjoys today. He is a guy I would hunt with, if he allowed me to.
I’m too Midwestern, but I would choose one of the Realtree guys probably Michael Waddell, he seems like a good time in deer camp.

Waddy is a very funny guy and is exactly as he appears on camera…


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