What TV hunting personality?

If I was single and my daughters were grown. I'd think about a the scheisserfest that is some of these 20 something hunting bimbos on social media. But I doubt they would want anything to do with a 50 year old even if I was footing the bill.

Especially the Polish, Slovakian and Hungarian ones. My taxidermist in Austria is another candidate.
I would love to go on a hunt with Jim Shockey. His commitment to ethics, willingness to push himself and his thirst for adventure are truly inspiring.

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Are you still looking for a 375 H&H?
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Sable @ the lodge this morning

Buffalo encounter this morning!

here with available dates for 2024/25

1-13 September 2024
14-31 October 2024
1-7 November 2024
18-24 November 2024

March 2025 is wide open!
12-17 April 2025
24-28 May 2025
15-21 June 2025
7-12 July 2025
22-28 July 2025
13-31 August 2025
15-30 September 2025

October and November 2025 is wide open!