UN Convention On The Rights Of The Child Calls On South African Government To ‘Protect Children Against Violence Of Trophy Hunting’


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Dec 18, 2015
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CAPE TOWN, South Africa—The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child has called on the South African government to “protect children from the vicarious effects of exposure to violence inflicted on animals such as during Trophy Hunting.” The announcement, on 8 February 2024, follows a periodic review of children’s rights in South Africa. Humane Society International welcomes the Committee’s recognition of trophy hunting as a violent and harmful activity—not just towards animals but also towards children.

Last year the UN formally recognised and defined the right of children to freedom from all forms of violence, including exposure to violence inflicted on animals. On 24 January 2024, during the UNCRC’s considerations of the periodic reports submitted by the South African Government, Dr Rinchen Chophal, vice chair of the UNCRC commented: “Various psychological studies on violence and animal abuse have shown that witnessing or participating in the violence can severely impact children’s moral and psychological development, besides normalising violence and conditioning life-long negative behavioural patterns. The popular and social acceptance of child participation in animal trophy hunting in the country (South Africa) is horrendous to say the least. Can the State Party enlighten us whether you will, as a matter of urgency, criminalise this practice?”

The UNCRC recorded that: “South Africa took note of the concerns about the effects that trophy hunting could have on children participating in them. South Africa was committed to holding roundtable discussions to address this matter.”

You know what else can negatively impact the South African Child from growing up and experiencing a positive life? Being killed by a water buffalo while walking to the well.
You know what else can negatively impact the South African Child from growing up and experiencing a positive life? Being killed by a water buffalo while walking to the well.
Forcing their parents into unemployment won't help either.

"we're worried your parents that are PH's, skinners and trackers might teach you where food comes from so instead we made their jobs illegal and forced you into poverty, but at least you didnt see a Zebra die"
Some anti-hunters have gained positions of power and learned to use the media to further there agendas.

This happens on local and national levels throughout the world and it happens at the international level such as the UN.

What you can do to counteract

All hunters can help the hunting cause in our local area by giving people a good impression of hunting and hunters. One approach I use myself is to serve and distribute venison along with tales of the hunt, to educate people on what hunting is in this day and age in their own area.

A few of us have the skills to further the cause on the national and international level. The rest will have to settle for supporting such work with money and practical assistance to the organizations that employ those capable of doing the work.
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These okes are bored......we have so many more serious issues to attend to....
The UN meeds to be moved out of the US, and stop being funded by western countries.
The UN needs to disappear. They are completely useless. Kinda like the league of nations which flopped.
This explains a lot about me and my childhood. I was exposed, repeatedly to the so called violence of slaughtering beef cattle and hogs using a 22lr rifle to brain each animal prior to stringing it up to gut the animal and prep it for long term storage. I also witnessed chickens getting their heads chopped off with axes and then released to run around the yard headless, spurting blood until they bled out. By the tender age of ten, I was exposed to the violence of hunting trophy grey squirrel with my Dad and Grandfather. These are memories that I cherish and gave me the opportunity to learn vital fieldcraft directly from my elders cementing a life long bond as I came of age. By the time I was 12y I was hunting alone but later was taken on deer hunts to learn to hunt larger game with more powerful weaponry. As a result of this wanton child abuse, I grew up to be a skilled predator, killing meat in the field to feed my family and teaching my kids how to survive should we need to.

Hunting to feed the family is a tradition that predates recorded history. North American Native Indians hunted Bison, Elk and Deer and taught young men how to carry on the traditions. Native Africans hunted all manner of plains and dangerous game. Zulu warriors went out to kill lions simply to prove their worth and courage to the village.

Hunting in modern civilized society is usually not necessary to survive as long as civil order is maintained. But, let the SHTF and see who survives and who is lost due to lack of skill as a hunter. The dipschitz at the UN have lived in Manhatten too long and are starting to act like native NYC dwellers. If the truckers continue to boycott making deliveries to NYC, the UN delegates may need to start hunting in NJ and Long Island to feed themselves. Or plan on lining on Rats killed with traps in the New York allys. Nobody deer hunts in NJ anymore. When I lived and worked there, i would have 30 deer in my yard every morning and evening and could have survived with only a 22lr.

I suggest we move the UN to Alaska and reduce the food budget to subsistence levels but furnish all of the delegates with a 300 WM and free ammo. Just my not so funny attempt at political satire.
The UN is a complete waste of time and MONEY. All the trackers, skinners, cooks, camp staff and untold ancillary industries, taxidermists, vehicle suppliers, maintenance personnel etc will be left without work, their families will be deprived of the protein that trophy hunting provides for them. But WTF do I know.:mad:
Always remember, you are the carbon they wish to reduce.

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