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  • Hi Niel , So you have a BBR 338 . thats great . I am in Edmonton . Where are you and how much you asking ,does it come with anything. Does it look just like the one that was for sale . made in Japan around 1983 Any chance you have a BBR 30-06 and a 22-250 ?
    Neil Molendyk
    Neil Molendyk
    Sorry for the delay, New Years and family etc. the rifle was bought in 84/ 85, It was for my youngest son but he ended up being a southpaw. mfg in Japan, missing a rifle swivel lug. But I will address that. I am asking $1250.00. No other BBR rifles in hand. I live east of Olds. It comes with scope mount. The rifle is identical to the one in the previous post that you were on.
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cwpayton wrote on CM McKenzie's profile.
Sir ,is that picture of you packing the shoshone river trail thru buffalo pass? Im trying to get a plan togather for a ride. do you pack professionally or for pleasure. thanks
Cal {cwpayton}
ghay wrote on gearguywb's profile.
Is this rifle sold? If not what is the weight of it and do you know if there is enough difference in diameter between the 35W and the 9.3 to allow for a rebore to a 9.3x62 which is what I am after?
Gary (Just down the road in Springfield)
Woods wrote on Hunter-Habib's profile.
Forgive me if this is the incorrect area, I signed up to this forum just now because I wanted to be on the list to purchase a copy of your autobiography. Please feel free to pass my information along to whomever is selling. Thank you so much. I look forward to it!
I like the Tillie in my picture. They are supposed to fit loose (2 fingers inside hat band), have mesh for cooling, and hold their shape after washing.
SSG Joe wrote on piratensafaris's profile.
From one newbie to another, Welcome aboard!