Trophy Room Build after 45 years of hunting

Man, your mason looks skilled! Glad to see he is using wall ties! I was walking a friend’s lake house with a 20+ foot fireplace going in and “mason” had about 3-4 feet laid. I asked him where his ties were and he called the owner of the company and he said “ties aren’t required by code and aren’t needed”. My buddy ran him off the job and started fresh.
Fireplace finished sans the mantle, I am having one made from a massive old Mesquite 8’ long.

I’ve been pleased with the mason, he understood the concept I wanted for the fireplace and nailed it.

The taxidermy team is steadily working on the mountain habitat. This includes painting different sections of the rock and applying different soils as well as artificial vegetation to create different habitats on the mountain.
When finished, this place can go directly into book "trophy rooms around the word".
What's going on the bottom 4' of the walls? Noticed on the fireplace pics its not textured or painted.
Here in the great state of Texas, we have a saying - "If it worth doing, it is worth over-doing".
I think you are building what every hunter on this website would like to build.
In my case, I would have to add a bedroom as I suspect my favorite wife would keep me out there and not where I prefer to be....
What's going on the bottom 4' of the walls? Noticed on the fireplace pics its not textured or painted.
There will be cabinets on each side ten feet tall, the lower for storage a shelf or two above then large, flat screen TV's in each one.
You have a wonderful trophy room, man cave, reading room, quite place to just sit and remember each and every hunt etc! Very impressive. Really enjoying watching the progress on the construction.
The African species are going on the wall, the gaps in the spacing are for additional species that are being mounted. The habitat scenes are beginning with the long wall to be Savannah to Forest.



The Dangerous Seven are the anchor pieces on this wall with sub-species of African Buffalo as well. The foreground will have Bushbuck and Nyala.

Looking great! Look forward to the next picture installment!
That dog looking out the door looks SO real !
So you missed him coming around the corner in the first pic? I’ve got to watch him when he’s with me so he doesn’t start “marking” the whole place up!
Also the "action mount" of the dog running in the room. Certainly adds charm. :giggle:

In all honesty this is a real amazing space being completed. What lifelong memories, stories and time will be spent sharing in there.

Beat me by seconds.


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