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With over a decade of experience in the industry, TRAVEL EXPRESS is committed to helping our clients plan their trip of a lifetime. Armed with in-depth knowledge of travel for the global sportsman, we strive to provide a completely personalized travel plan and first-rate service.

TRAVEL EXPRESS is a full service travel agency that specializes in airfare to many international hunting and vacation destinations. We can assist with all aspects of your travel plans from airfare, lodging, tours and car rentals to entry visas, firearm permits, trip insurance policies and medical evacuation services.

With our personal travel and hunting experiences, we are able to offer a unique perspective. You can rely on our knowledge and personal commitment when planning your next adventure.


TRAVEL EXPRESS has access to competitive fares and we strive to offer you the best fare possible thus minimizing our agency fees. Booking through an agent can be beneficial because reservations can be held for a period of time before ticketing is required. We can easily compare fare types (economy, business, etc.) and make recommendations based on your preferences. We can also see the airline space available and know if we are getting you the best price for your particular dates or we can offer an alternative date to save you money. You will also benefit from firsthand knowledge of someone that has been there, is familiar with the various airlines/routes and can walk you through the process and answer any questions that you might have along the way.

We monitor your reservations for schedule changes from the time of booking until departure and we work to keep your reservations coordinated. We also touch base with you just prior to departure with a fresh itinerary and some last minute travel tips.

You can count on our experience and extensive knowledge to help guide you!

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Meet your travel agent


Jennifer Ginn, Owner/Agent
Since 2012 Jennifer has been specializing in travel for hunters as well as complete touring and vacation packages and has traveled Europe and Southern Africa.
Send Jennifer an email at
Phone: +1 (406) 381-6582 (WhatsApp)
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Travel Info


How can a travel agent help you?
When planning your vacation, there are several considerations in determining whether to use a travel agent. Which airlines get the best reviews? Can a travel agent save you money in the long run? Which airlines are firearm friendly? What is the fastest route to get to your destination?

Using a knowledgeable travel agent can save you a lot of stress, time and hassle when planning your next trip. We do our best to stay up to date on the issues facing the global sportsman so you don’t have to wonder about changing regulations, hidden fees and conflicting information found elsewhere.

Booking through TRAVEL EXPRESS is the smart way to travel. . .


Partnering with several US based international tour companies allows us to offer a huge selection of properties and excursions from across the globe at competitive rates. This allows us to put together completely customized touring packages to fit your needs and budget. Whether your dream vacation is in the Hawaiian Islands, Europe, Africa, the South Pacific or beyond, be sure to contact us first!

We also partner with tour operators based in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia, to bring you a hand-picked selection of only the best of Africa.
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Travel with firearms can be stressful and time consuming…

If you don’t have the right information. Worry less and let TRAVEL EXPRESS guide you through the process.
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“I would highly recommend anyone planning an adventure outside the U.S. to contact you first. Your knowledge, recommendations and travel do’s and don’ts are “priceless”! We will be counting our blessings of all the new friends made in Africa and the memories you helped facilitate.” ~ Greg & Cheryle, Hawaii


“I’m speechless and on the verge of tears, I can’t begin to thank you for going the extra mile in getting my firearm permit pushed through just in time. Thanks for everything you have done!” ~ Robert, Minnesota


“I wanted to thank you for arranging our travel to Namibia. The trip was great and the flights went smoothly. Again, thanks for the quick and smooth service. I look forward to doing more travel with your assistance in the future.” ~ Tom, North Carolina


Just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you both – we had an extraordinary New Zealand experience. We absolutely loved and enjoyed the trip! Thanks so much! You ladies are awesome!!!” ~ Donna & Dave, Florida


“We had a great trip to Argentina and the travel plans went off with no issues. Thanks for answering all of our questions, you did it with class and grace.” ~ Dennis, Colorado


I just wanted to let you know I arrived back in the U.S. safe and sound from South Africa. I really appreciate all your help and careful attention to detail that you put into my itinerary. All of my travel went very smoothly and I was totally comfortable throughout the entire process. I literally had nothing to worry about the entire time and that was a huge comfort.” ~ Nick, Texas

We would love to hear from you!

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Jennifer handled my first trip last year and any issues that came up. She set up our trip this year for three of us. Will always use them for travel. Makes everything so easy.
I used Lori from @TRAVEL EXPRESS on my last trip as well as her husband Troy to book my last hunt. I have nothing but good things to say about them. Excellent honest people and very efficient!
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My last two trips and my current trip have all been booked through @TRAVEL EXPRESS. I’m counting on them for my 2020 trip with my granddaughter as well.
Thanks Travel Express for taking care of me!
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Lori from @TRAVEL EXPRESS has been fantastic to work with, she was within $100 of the lowest price I could find on my own, and the amount of work she did for me was worth far more. I have also asked her advice several times about upcoming travel I am considering, and she has been always been more than happy to help.
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Thanks guys - we appreciate the support and enjoy working with all of you! Referrals and repeat customers is the best form of advertisement........
Lori and Jennifer have booked travel arrangements for two of my three Safaris, will definitely use them again next trip!
These gals are great. Book with them once and you'll never look for a Travel Agent again.

They may have to help us on the South America trip.
The Absolute Best In The Business
Looking forward to using them here in a few months.
They are the only way to go, bar none. I've had Lori book my travel to RSA for the last three years and am already planning my next hunt travel arrangements through them. She really scouted the best routes, fares, and connections every time. I booked early and she kept me apprised of any changes. With my itinerary, she sent me ckecklists and all kinds of info on firearms, currency exchange, SAPS, you name it. Forget the rest, they are the best.
They are the only way to go, bar none. I've had Lori book my travel to RSA for the last three years and am already planning my next hunt travel arrangements through them. She really scouted the best routes, fares, and connections every time. I booked early and she kept me apprised of any changes. With my itinerary, she sent me ckecklists and all kinds of info on firearms, currency exchange, SAPS, you name it. Forget the rest, they are the best.

Wow, Newboomer, thanks for the kind words. We do work really hard to stay on top of things and want everyone’s travel arrangements to go as smoothly as possible. Thanks again

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