Tokarev 57-7.62 x 25mm

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Mar 30, 2020
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Has anyone shot one of these? I saw one at a local gunstore and have done some research on it.

It is basically a high-velocity 30 caliber (approx) cartridge, and it looks like a lot of fun to shoot.

I am relatively new to this website; if anyone has any good Model 57 stories, I'd be glad to hear them.
Yes… but it’s been a long time ago…

Pretty poor ergos IMO… poor sights (common for pistols of that era)… and only reasonably reliable..

But you used to be able to buy them for less than $100 back in the day…

The Egyptian manufactured tok’s were particularly crappy :)
I bought one a long time ago, It was fun to shoot the 7.62x29 shoots a flame out of the barrel and has a terrible trigger, and not terribly accurate.I suppose the trigger can be worked on a bit and then the accuracy may improve I was also able to buy a 9mm conversion barrel for it but it uses the same Mag as the 7.62 so feeding was not always reliable.
If you have a little throwaway money laying around and can find one cheap it might fun
to play with
Not to hijack the thread, but I happen to have two that I have never fired personally, as well as some new brass and bullets id be willing to part with if someone would like to enter the Tokarev game
Has anyone shot one of these?
Got one.
SIngle action pistol, single stack mag, classic design, typical for the era when was designed.
This was standard issue yugo army pistol, till late 1980ies.
Later versions of this pistol were made in 7.62x25 and 9x19.

The difference between Yugo M57, 7.62 from Russian m33 TT is longer grip in yugo version, to accommodate longer single stack magazine, which holds 9 rounds, (russian holds 8 rounds )

the other significant difference is recoil spring guide rod.
Russian version is one part piece.
Yugo version is two parts, hinged at half length, with recoil spring permanently fixed.

Military version of M57 on left side of slide has stamp: 7.62 TT mm, and Yugo coat of arms on top of the slide.
(most notable marks)

Civilian version will have stamp Zastava Arms (or import company), on left side of the slide, no coat of arms on top.
Those are basic differences. (there are several more)

In addition to above, civilian export version (for US market) will have installed some type of safety.

Military version does not have safety, except half cock, position of hammer.

This is safety flaw, as it was noted on some occasions, that when falling or hitting hard, from half cock, an accidental discharge could happen.

Fun to shoot, very loud bang, high velocity for pistol, and high penetration, accuracy not perfect nor impresive, but will hit the target (black circle at 25 meters, at ISSF pistol bulls eye target), or coke can at 10 meters.

Another "feature" of this pistol, the trigger pull is very hard, in original military version.

To remove the barrel, when field strip, front bushing must be removed.
It has more then generous tolerances.

(I always suspected, that making new tight - fitting bushing, and replacing original with good gunsmith, will significantly improve accuracy, but never tried to do it)

Back market muzzle brake, fits in the place of bushing. then recoil is very mild, but accuracy the same.
Below photo, I fitted more ergonomic grips, that include rubber beaver tail. (now it looks like 1911 ;) )
I also took it to gunsmith, to lighten the trigger pull.

I have seen commercial ammo by PPU and Sellier Bellot, FMJ and JHP.
Other factories, never.

Below is my pistol, trigger pull lightened, added ergonomic grips, and not shown on the photo muzzle break is available. Never had fail to fire, or fail to extract.

My educated guess, your photo shows, refitted mil surp pistol, with later istalled safety and exported to US. I cannot see the coat of arms on top, but I can see letters on the grip SFRJ, this was for military issued guns, civilian versions had Zastava logo, on pistol grip.

m57 tt33.JPG
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i have two and like them, i have shot a ton of cheap milsup ammo(corrisive) in them. i keep them clean and they are in ex used condition, they came with a mil holster-two maginzes with cleaning rod. i think the price was 139.99 usd, a good buy to me. i have pissed more money off the river bridge after a week end drunk./
Found this under the counter at a local Pawn Shop. Zastava M57 chambered in 7.62x25 Tokarev and in excellent shape, mechanically sound throughout!
Took it out and ran a box of S&B 85 grain FMJ through it and of course it functioned flawlessly. At 30 ounces empty, pushing an average 1,559 fps for 459 lb-ft of energy, the gun does have some snap to it, but easy to handle.
The thumb safety is required for importation into the U.S. but actually works very well, though it does tend to feel a little "mushy" being made of folded steel.
The M57 is EASY to field strip - just retract the little clip on the right side, pull back on the slide just enough to relax spring pressure and the slide stop drops right out the left side. The entire upper runs forward off the frame.
This gun had no problem popping shotgun shells at 20-25 feet and has a surprisingly good trigger pull!
A very cool toy. I dream of finding one like this. Especially the TT-33 modification in red-brown color. In terms of size/firepower ratio, this is one of the strongest pistols. Bears weighing 310 kg were can killed using TTs in self-defense.

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