SPAIN: WARNING: AGENT: Warning Agent Henadiy Velychko Of AYH Safari

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    Οκτ 4 τις 11:11 π.μ.
    i write this report to warn all fellow AH members of the Madrid based hunting agent HENADIY VELYCHKO,
    of AYH Safari, with whom i had the following problems:
    1) i did a hunt for snow sheep in 2014 and shot a sheep, but afterwards had great difficulties to get my trophy.
    After running out of excuses for the many months of delay, he ended in not answering my calls and e-mails .
    The issue was solved, only after i hired a spanish lawyer!
    2) Unfortunatelly before realising that the above problem would occure, i had booked a bear hunt (again in russia) wich was a complete disaster, being very poorly organized and obviously unsuccessfull, mainly due to the fact that he informed the local outfitter at the very last moment, although i have given him a deposit months in advance.
    I tried to keep the above report breef, but i am at your disposal for any questions.
    kind regards
    Nicholas Economides (@nick2104)
    Athens Greece

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