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Jun 1, 2019
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My 17 year old daughter has been practicing a lot for an upcoming first trip to Africa (as have I). Yesterday we went looking for caribou (our season goes through the end of this month). During our trip she harvested her first big game animal... but it wasn't a caribou.

Much to our surprise we found this boar brown bear out and about. It was a stunner... this is early for here for a bear to be out. My guess is - and that's all it is - is he needed to feed. His teeth were really worn down bad. It's possible it kept him from putting on enough in the fall. We haven't measured the hide yet but the paw is about seven and a half across and the noggin looks large. She put him down hard with the first shot. (.308, 150 grain handload Partitions, 100 yard shot) I could not be more proud; this got me way more excited than anything I've ever shot.

Just thought I'd share with you fine folks here; we're getting ready to head back out to look for caribou again.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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You weren’t joking about the teeth! That’s a big head critter and a great story for your daughter!! Congratulations!
Congrats to the young lady!
Well done! Best of luck on your upcoming trip.
That's quite the bear!!! She looks very happy! Sounds like a memory you'll cherish.
a great bear,best of luck in africa.
That’s an old scrapper for sure. Congratulations to you both.
Congrats to young lady and proud father !
What a great story she has to share for the rest of her life.
Well done Dad and good shooting to her.
Congratulations to both of you. What an experience to share with your daughter.
Excellent, congrats to your daughter

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