Sharing my daughter's success

She is actually a tiny little thing. She says she's 5'; I think that's debatable.

She has a cast iron shoulder; she can accurately shoot hotter loads from my .45-70. She says she doesn't feel much in the way of difference from the .243 to the .308.
Good stuff! Big ol head on that bear!(y)
Wow!! That is awesome! Congrats to you both
I promise I won't bore you folks forever with photos...

I got the skull out. A preliminary measurement comes out at 26.5"; the teeth leads me to believe he didn't have a lot of years left. I have not measured the hide yet but expect it's going to exceed 8 feet.
Looks like an ancient old boar and a wonderful trophy indeed. Congrats to your daughter, all 5’ +|-!
Congratulations. Crazy that bear was out and about this early with all the snow this year.
and caribou meat for the freezer!
Very nice work. I love seeing kids get into hunting.

Mind telling us more about the shot placement and bullet path/performance on the bear? I have a 375 Ruger for serious bear hunting but I will probably start carrying my suppressed 308 for caribou plus kids use it. So there is a possibility that we'd want to shoot a grizzly with a 308.
Awesome! Congrats!
WOW. Please convey my congratulations. What a smile. That just made my day.
Looks like one very happy young lady and one very proud DAD. Well done.
That is awesome.
That set of dentures looks like he chewed his way out of a jail before your daughter stopped his final escape.
So awesome, Congrats! Good luck on the Dark Continent, be sure and post a report.
That's awesome!
There is nothing cooler than hunting with a daughter!!! You have made lifetime memories for you both!
And that is a Awesome bear!

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