Reloading or factory loads for Dangerous Game?

It's always a good reminder to run every single round through your gun to ensure fit, feeding, etc. I also always use once fired brass or brass that has been fired in my chamber. I also full length size every load used on a hunt.
I've only hunted Cape Buffalo a number of times, and I've used both factory and handloads. To date, I've only used A-Frames. All ammo gets run through the action beforehand regardless.

The factory ammo always gets left behind with the PH. My hunting handloads go thru stress relieving the necks, and then full-length resizing. If the PH and I know each other from prior hunts then I will leave the handloads behind as well, with recipe and MV attached.

Failures definitely can happen with factory ammo too…this was my second in line cartridge on this buff in the Selous with Barnes Vortex 416 Rigby 400g TSX.
Oof. That's one of the loudest sounds in the field...CLICK!
Oh, for sure. Had that happen to me, but fortunately while back home testing some DG ammo from a well-known manufacturer.

Chatted with them passing the relevant information to them. I've also never bought their DG ammunition since.
Yea, misfires and accidental discharges are horribly loud. Misfire on DG has got to be a terrible feeling. Glad the photo above turned out ok!
It's easy to overthink this stuff. I know I would be fine either way with my reloads or factory ammo. The important thing is having confidence in it (from practice) and double checking everything. I'm very grateful to be able to reload and practice in the big calibers.
I didn't read everyone's response so take this with a grain of salt at best but I got into reloading because of the constant issues I had with factory ammo and I'm not talking about wally world cheapest thing on the shelf type ammo , but all across the spectrum .

Dangerous African game I have zero experience ! but just ammo going bang and accuracy standpoint I prefer my personal reloads for my particular situation, I will buy factory ammo for one reason and that's to obtain brass after I shoot up xyz of ammo if it's cost effective because sometimes you just run across factory ammo loaded that you can't reload for the cost so hell y not ,
Now that being said I had a dear friend head to SA last year on a plains game hunt and came to me and had a rifle new scope and a nice setup and no ammo and none to be purchased no matter how much $$ you had it just wasn't available so I built him a few boxes to practice with and then take to Africa , he shot up a few boxes before he left and was thrilled , first nyala that stepped out he pulled the trigger and "click" shucked it and second round dropped it ,, next 18 animals never 1 issue ... I felt like an idiot when I seen the videos but we both did everything right and guess what I bet the factory guys do too but no one to blame and I bet most factory ammo of quality is above most folks par ... But , I like knowing if something goes wrong I only have myself to blame and I like making a load that fits my rifle as best as I believe it can and I don't care if I'm shooting at a squirrel or charging black bear my rifles are loaded with something I believe to be the best that can be had just depends on how much YOU put into it
Here you can't buy factory ammo easily, if at all, so I load myself, as do most people. Up until now all of the cases for my 450/400 have been new, so it is not re-loading, rather primary loading. Since I learnt to do it myself I am far happier, after some mishaps I don't trust anyone to load for me.
I'm curious what you're doing for ammo on DG hunts. I certainly reload for practice and I have used both factory loads and reloads for the actual DG hunt. There has been some pride of ownership in using my own reloads for any of my hunts. However, how many of you reload for DG versus going to factory loads for the actual hunt? I don't have quality control issues with my reloads but I wonder about the extra peace of mind from using factory loads. We're talking about DG hunts where the range is typically 50 yards or usually much closer. It's not an accuracy question but it is a reliability question. I'm always hoping I haven't fouled a primer somehow. Hasn't happened yet!

I'm thinking about this as I prep loads for buffalo and elephant this summer. I will be using reloads for the leopard as that load isn't available off the shelf.
I’m just the opposite. I have 100% confidence in my reloads given how much time and attention I take. Factory loads not so much. I only shoot my own reloads for DG and PG
No way I’m using a factory load on DG or any hunting for that matter. I’m a longtime reloader. Just my opinion and preference but I have had and seen factory duds in the past and I have never had any hiccup with one of my reloads.
I absolutely will not, however, trust anyone else’s hand loads either though.
I reload a good bit, but I guess I trust the factories more than I trust myself.

I'll defer to:

Federal Premium
Winchester Supreme
Hornady Dangerous Game

for my DG needs....
I can see both points of view. I've done both myself but take my reloads more than factory loads.
I reload to save money and for practice most of the time. I get my reloads as close as possible to the factory ammo that I plan to hunt with.

Right before the safari, I'll start shooting the factory loads exclusively, for practice.

I've had more reloads not function properly, than supreme factory loads (never), but that is probably my own fault in trying to save money by using older powder, cheaper primers, brass fired more than one time, a particle of brass polishing media stuck in the primer hole, discount bullets, etc.
I used Custom Nosler Ammo on a Leopard but for Buff and Ele I reload.

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I've been reloading for over forty years, DG and PG in Africa, all Canadian hunts. I believe that I can build a superior round at a more affordable price, with premium bullets. The only calibre I don't reload for are 223/556, 45ACP and 9mm (hardly hunting rounds)
I reload for every caliber I own with the exception of the .458 Lott. I’ve been very pleased with the Federal TBBC loads in the Lott. My reloads have accounted for a number of buffalo, elephant and grizzly in other calibers.

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