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Aug 14, 2016
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Namibia - Kalahari, Namibia - Khomas highland
Comment on post #2: Quite sobering view on modern African firearm history and development. Some call it anti american, but indeed this was written by american, and proper word might be a "different perspective", from main stream history approach. But truth be told, there is not much history written on wounding the game with small caliber firearms on African fields, and it does raise the question.
Roosevelt did mention misses and wounding, and "walking" the bullet with few shots to the game on long range shots(?!), in his African game trails.

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Oct 9, 2017
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It happens to this day. Some of it is the result of "buck fever", poor marksmanship, taking shots which are not on, etc , but a lot is also due to the use of calibres which are not sufficiently powerful to give a clean, one shot kill unless the shooter manages to hit the CNS. Most African game animals can run a long way after being shot in the lung area with a 270 or 308. On the other hand nothing except giraffe, buffalo and elephant will go anywhere after taking a shot in the "boiler room" with a .338 WM or any of the .375 magnums. For this reason I recommend a rifle of that class for all-round use in preference to smaller calibres. True, they are heavier to carry and they do recoil more than lighter calibres, but those are small prices to pay given the benefit.


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Mar 17, 2021
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My experience with Czech firearms has all been pre-660. My first one was a 7X57 light rifle based on a G33/40 military action, and I love it. It has made one trip to Africa with me and killed all sorts of plains game, up to and including wildebeest.

My second one was a BRNO 602 in .375 H&H which I took on a driven game hunt in Bulgaria in 1970 and missed out on a shot at a running boar because of a fumble with the safety. I still have that rifle, although in the mean time it has been transformed into a .500 Jeffrey by gunmaker Lon Paul, who also replaced the rather garish, Weatherby style stock with a CZ 660 model and the safety with a Model 70 type. I have shot nothing but paper with it, but am satisfied that it would do the job in Africa when called upon.

I grew up at a time when it was possible to assemble a useable varmint rifle with scope for little more than $100. When buying a rifle, it was normal to look at it as what it could become rather than what is was at the time. The idea of taking a rifle out of the factory box, installing a scope, sighting it in and taking it hunting was one which didn't occur to me, and still doesn't.

I look at a rifle not on the basis of what it is, but what it can be. My go-to dangeerous game rifle started life as a P-14 Enfield and ended up barely recognizeable as a handy little rifle, weighing 8 3/4 pounds and chambered for a cartridge I designed myself, based on a shortened .460 Weatherby case opened up to .505 caliber and firing a 570 grain bullet at 2150 fps. I am satisfied that I could have done just as well with the BRNO, had it been available at the time.

Anyway, this is my .500 Jeffrey, and I couldn't be more pleased with it:

Lon Paul .500 Jeffery 002a_zps4b4cuoow.jpg
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May 8, 2011
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8 3/4 lbs! I admire your fortitude. I'm not overly recoll sensitive but my 500 Jeffery weighs 12 lbs with scope and rings unloaded. I don't think I want it any lighter.

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