Questions About the CZ 550

Discussion in '.375 & Up' started by Cleathorn, Oct 31, 2009.

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    My CZ550 American 9.3x62 is a superb rifle. It was initially a bit rough when cycling but I fixed that by cycling the bolt hundreds of times while watching TV. I love this rifle. It just feels right when shouldered, aimed & fired. My new FN Winchester Model 70 sporter in 30.06 & Safari Express 375 are superb. I believe them to be the best Model 70s ever.
    Boatman was full of crap & there are many innacurate statements in his writings. I think it was he who started the myth that O'Connor was recoil shy. Jack often used a 375 H&H & sometimes used a 300 Weatherby. He said he prefers a 270 over a 30.06 because it shot a little flatter & kicked a little less. That statement tells us the 30.06 kicks more than the 270. It doesn't make the great man recoil shy. Damn, I really miss Jack n Elmer punchin' on. The older I get I tend to think old Elmer knew what he was talking about.

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    Jack also liked the 416 rigby and published some good handloads for it. It is kind of like Jack always said he had nothing against a guy being fulled with eurphoria hunting plains game with 375 H&H just don't tell him that a 30-06 is inadequate.

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