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    1. Mike70560
      As far as caliber I would go with a rimmed cartridge. While a rimless may never give you a problem I would not take a chance. The 470 gives you a 500 grain bullet at 2150FPS. Similar to a Lott.

      If you go to butch he will build one in 450 NE and that would be the cats meow!!!

      B. Searcy & Co. The All-American Double Rifle

      Good luck hope this helps. If you need anything else let me know.
      Cow Island Hunting
    2. Mike70560
      As you probably know I have Krieghoff in 470 Nitro. I found the rifle in very good shape for under $9000.00

      Plusses for me is it is very solid and fits me well. It is well made with a good finish. The only drawback is I find the opening angle a little shallow and it can be problematic on a fast reload. I overcame it with practice but it would be nice if it opened a little more. The cocking device is fine to me, some people do not like it.

      Merkel seems to be a good rifle. You can find them new for under 10K. People who own them seem to like the rifle.

      Keep an eye on Guns International for a good deal.

      Butch Searcy has a good following and will build a rifle to fit you. He was selling a plain model for under 10k but I think has discontinued it. He is worth contacting.
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