At almost an hour long, this probably won't be viewed in its entirety by many. But if you are interested in seeing in almost real time (video was all done this week) and learning about Navy operations onboard an aircraft carrier, take some time to view this. The young sailors are particularly inspiring. At 6 minutes into the video, note the danger of some of the jobs (darn close to those big propellers!).

Oh, okay. My bad. Didn't realize that negates everything.

If you're implying that banks are not "business" and/or can't be used in this conversation because it's not your preferred flavor, that's nonsense. In addition, a great deal of bankers become investors and business owners and operators. Banking and investing are part of the business ecosystem no matter what Bernie Sanders or J.D. Vance believe.
Allow me to clarify.

LA graduates stick together with your argument. However, the FACT remains that business undergraduates are REQUIRED to take several LA courses while LA undergraduates are NOT required to take ANY business courses. That’s just flat-out wrong. Because of this, LA graduates almost always have to get an MBA to get hired by major private sector firms and/or to move up. Not so for business graduates. An MBA can be a waste of money and adds substantial costs to an already expensive education.

College should be the way to get a good job afterwards and the majority of graduates go into the private business sector. Businesses would be much better served if all graduates had a well-rounded education (meaning they have studied both LA and business) instead of your having to “learn on the job” or get a post-grad degree. As a customer, it bothers me that banks and other businesses that I deal with have to teach LA grads some things so basic on the job. Banks/businesses shouldn’t have to do that.

My father is a retired financial planner/stock broker and entrepreneur. My major started in accounting but I switched to marketing in my senior year and I have a minor in biology. At first, after two years of accounting classes in high school, I wanted to be a CPA but changed my mind in college when I saw the ever-changing tax code and I also became more interested in working outdoors. I’m a history, art, and art history buff and took a bunch of LA courses in those disciplines, as well as psychology. My parents wanted me to be a lawyer but I didn’t want it. My younger brother has degrees in finance and economics and worked for a major firm before he took over my father’s “book” after I turned it down and stayed with outfitting. Sorry but I, for one, would rather trust someone with their background or mine with my investments than a LA graduate that is learning as they go. In addition and quite frankly, bank brokerage departments don’t exactly have the best reputation in the brokerage and financial planning industry.

My two boys both have engineering degrees and also took a substantial amount of LA courses, as required. They also took business and economics courses and one of them has a minor in economics. To our way of thinking, this is also more well-rounded than an LA graduate without an MBA and neither of them will ever have to get a post-graduate degree to move up. They have already been promoted more than once and are leading teams.
Dems drafting a bill to strip Trump of his secret service protection?
I am neither for nor against MTG, but it is clear that she is some sort of a reaction to the loonies like Omar on the Democrat side. The fact that both extremes can have such a disruptive effect upon the bulk view of their respective parties lends air to the discussion a few pages back where it was suggested that split-off of the radicals into separate parties may be the best solution all around.
It is a tragedy that both Parties trend towards their collective lowest denominator. Especially in the House.
Meanwhile back at the front, the TU-22 Backfire bomber (which is a remarkably obvious copy of our B1) is a supersonic strategic asset that has been a real problem for Ukraine. They are capable of carrying a couple of cruise missiles and have been used extensively in strikes against Ukrainian infrastructure (along with the occasional apartment building, hospital, and school). The Russians have around 70 of these operational - or perhaps 69.

The Ukrainians seem to have successfully carried out another of their air defense ambushes, shooting down one of these high value assets.

Happy Lexington and Concord Day!

Affordable or free college is detrimental, if students are doing nothing but stepping into a liberal indoctrination center.

Future leaders with a liberal hive mind will be the final death blow of what this country was founded on.

Founding father's.....rolling over in the grave.
So you believe affordable college is wrong??
If anyone thinks Trump can get a fair trial in circus monkey jury New York you’re living in an alternate universe……. This is a political hit job from the word go,
So where would you prefer?
Here’s an old 03 factor for all the nay sayers. Dilligaf? If yer a real marine you’ll know what that means….

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