One and Only One Bullet manufacturer for Dangerous Game

If you could only use one brand of bullet for Dangerous Game what would it be?

  • Barnes

  • Hornady

  • North Fork

  • Peregrine

  • Swift

  • Woodleigh

  • Other

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Ed Lally

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Mar 20, 2019
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USA, Canada, South Africa
I can add very little to Michael’s sound advice other than, that at 74, buffalo hunting in Africa is not going to be a walk in the park, especially if you want to do it the walk-and-stalk way. You MUST get as fit as you can. It is difficult to place a good shot if you are out of breath to the point of collapse. Most likely you will find yourself in dense bush with bad light.

Hi SJN, I sincerely appreciate the advice on being fit and to practice shooting in order to have a successful hunt. Please know that there are men who are 73 years old, believe it and act and perform accordingly and there are men who are 73 years young and believe that they are as young as they act . Among other physical activities, I harvest, cut and split wood to heat my house and my camp because it keeps me young and keeps my wife warm. Please find below a photo of my lovely wife of 30+ years and a photo of my 10 cord wood pile, both of which I am exceedingly proud of. Rest assured that I will be fit and competent this year and again next.
Wood Pile.JPG

Brent James

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Apr 20, 2019
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Cost of a projectile is the most overlooked part of the safari when you are paying +$10000 USD to watch the animal run over the horizon!

The availability of the "top of the line" US made projectiles here in regional Australia is like finding rocking horse droppings!

The Woodleighs are more or less readily available and much cheaper, unless a big foreign order has to be filled ( bugger me! why do Federal, Kynoch and Norma want so many Woodleigh projectiles?), are in my hands within a week of placing the order.
I have an electronic set of scales I use for measuring powder charges. Woodleigh projectiles weighed are spot on their advertised rate with a Standard Deviation of 1.5 over a pack of 50.
I have only bettered this with Sierra matchkings.

I'm sorry but I can't match their accuracy, performance, availability and price with anything else on the market regardless of availability.
Time may come when we won't be allowed to shoot projectiles with lead alloys( shit don't tell the tree hugger's about lead contamination) but I'm sure that Woodleigh are working on that should the need arise?
G'day Drew, just of a matter of interest, you can get c.e.b & North fork projectiles at Meplat services. Think the owners name is Daryll.

bruce moulds

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Aug 10, 2018
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and swift from brownells with a waiting time.
swift have an aust agent as well.
barnes are pretty readily available here on order from a gunshop.

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I am glad you found some useful info in my posts. Hard cast WFN with GC will do the job fine. I trust Veral Smith (owner of LBT company) - I believe that he can provide you with some finest HC bullets. Many companies are coping his design. I can help you from here in developing max loads (40.000psi) just let me know which powder you are using (I use Quick Load software which turns to be very reliable).