NAMIBIA: Namibia Chapter Two

This may a dumb question, can you eat leopard? If you did, is it any good?
This leopard had some fat on him for sure! He weighed 139 pounds and was 7 feet 3 inches long. That’s is just one inch shorted that the first leopard and about 31 pounds less. So this is a normal size leopard for that part of Namibia.
This may a dumb question, can you eat leopard? If you did, is it any good?
No sir I did not partake. However, the staff was having a bit of disagreement as to who would get what choice parts to eat.

As you can see the entry wound was far back. Even so the animals liver was shredded and really turned into gelatinous goo.
So that next day besides skinning and taking more pictures Pieter asked me to go with Donie to shoot an eland cow for a friend who wanted to make biltong. Now let me tell the Apple did not fall far from the tree, Donie is an excellent spotter, stalker and hunter. We set out at about ten to find eland coming from water. Didn’t take long before we spotted a good size group and the stalk was on. The young man understood the wind how well group of animals could see. We stalked for an hour nd waited at a point where he thought the eland would cross our path at about a 100 yards. Sure enough in ten minutes here comes a one horn cow. Shoot that one he says!

The 300 WinMag is a very versatile caliber for North America and Africa.
Next on my list was a nice spring buck. The farm down the road is even bigger than Eintracht. Herds of free ranging springboks and oryx criss cross that property. We saw one group of 300. Drove on a bit and see 100. Then 59-60 then another group of 100. We put a stalk on a very good ram of 16” and Pieter got us to within 159 yards until one of those damn go away birds spooked him. My consolation prize was the black back jackal. First one in nine trips to Africa,
So day ten we were determined to get a good springbuck! A lot of driving and stalking up on groups paid off. Pieter got me to within 125 yards of a group of 50 or so and I took the shot. Bang flop! The 300 WinMag worked again,
This guy measured 16.25 inches so I’m pretty darn happy! I once shot up a complete box of ammo and kept missing these animals. Nit this time! Thanks Pieter.
A great cook out that night! Farm raised grass fed steaks. Good eating!
One suggestion to everyone…..when traveling in another country always know how to contact the US Embassy and know where it is located. The cook Ina took me to town so that I could buy some craft items and I had her drive by the embassy. It is the biggest and fanciest of them all and is only about three years old. Pieter wa happy to tell me that not only was it built by local builders but also with much local materials. He said it was a big deal in the country that the US had spent so much money on the new embapsy and how good it had been for Namibia,
Something interesting that was going on on the ranch. Pieter’s brother owns part and he had charcoal makers cutting black thorn down to make it. They were doing this all with axes picks and shovels. The old fashioned process makes excellent charcoal which for the most part is exported to Europe.
After cutting and hauling the wood to the work area they dig a trench and tightly stack the wood. They leave as little room between logs and sticks as possible. They bury the whole pile and start a fire that gets starved for oxygen. After about three days they uncover it and bag up the chunks of charcoal. In the background you can see a Chicago made windmill 100 years old still pumping water,
Ok so I still wanted a Duiker. All week we had seen only one female. We saw stienbuck all over the place. I got the SCI # 66 for Namibia on the last trip. Donnie took me out on the afternoon of my next to last day looking one more time. It was sunset when his sharp eyes spotted one at the base of a tree at about 60 yards. With grass all around it what I was looking at through the scope was its rear end. Never saw the head. Donie assured me it was a good male so I took a shot. Bang flop! Evidently the animal was looking back over its shoulder at us and my bullet went through the hip and spine exiting the other side and blowing off half of one horn! Still a good trophy and good story so I think I will leave it as is.
So day 14 we went and refreshed two bait areas as another male leopard was already taking over from the one I shot. The night before he killed one calf and wounded another that would probably end up dead.
Another cook out of an excellent roast beef! Did I mention there was plenty of Jack and Coke?
What a great safari, when are you heading back?
May 15th it was time to head home! A midday flight to Johannesburg would get me there about 3 PM. AirLink has a nice lounge for business class customers in Windhoek now so after Pieter got me through the gun paperwork and taking me to the various places to pay for the gun handling we said our good byes and I went to the lounge. This was the start of 29 hours with layovers to get home! When I went out to the gate a couple of AH members spotted me and came over to chat. It’s a small world really.

Remember for those of us with bad knees there are no jet bridges in Windhoek!
Once in Johannesburg I had to go collect my gun and bags to recheck with Delta. As previously mentioned the passport control people had not been paid so they were going as slow as possible. I’m glad I had a 6 hour layover as Delta 201 departs at 9:55. After getting my gun at SAPs the Delta check in was quick and easy. A quick trip to the gun holding area and a small tip to make sure that rascal there got my gun to the plane and I was off to the SLOW Lounge. About three hours in there. Plentry of good food and drink with very clean restrooms! 8:30 I left the lounge and made the walk to the gate. You end up showing your passport and ticket about three times and your bag gets swabbed down and contents checked but really not much time evolved. Once through that I was escorted to the holding area and they were already boarding Business class. I booked the same seat coming and going so 4A would be my home for 16 hours headed west across the Atlantic.
Delta App was not working so I gave my bag numbers to the flight purser and she had the gate agent confirm that bag and gun were indeed already on the plane. So now it was time to relax and have a drink before takeoff! Top picture my view across the isle to another Delta One Suite

Note the fine shower shoes they give you! Ha! At least I was able to get out of the shoes I had on since seven am.
Great job Charlie!! Congratulations!! I would love to hunt another Tom!
The Eintracht Farm….l would say cattle ranch is big and beautiful. Bill Capwell hooked me up with Pieter Delport and facilitated both leopard hunts. I can’t thank him enough for all his help. The vistas from on top of one of the mountains will always be in my memories. Can’t wait to go back. Maybe leopard number three some day. Yes I am addicted to this! All I can say if you want a good chance of getting a leopard Namibia is the place to go! Pieter Delport’s Eintracht Jagd Safaris will come HIGHLY recommended from me which after reading my two leopard hunt reports should come as no surprise to anyone.

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