NAMIBIA: Namibia Chapter Two

Congratz!!! a pair of very nice leopards. Well done by the PH and yourself.
Great cat Charlie, congrats :D Cheers:
Congrats Charlie!
Congratulations on leopard #2. You are getting pretty good at this! I bet you are already planning for #3 in a few years.
Congratulations on the leopard Charlie!
Wow, what an amazing and exciting hunt! Thank you sir for taking us along. Beautiful Mr. Spots.
Congrats Charlie on another great cat.
Congratulations again, Charlie!

Good looking leopard, the pale yellow coloration in that area is really awesome.
When he got his bath it brightened up.,
Well done Charlie.....
So on the way with the truck from the lodge Pieter’s son, Donie, spies another target animal about a mile from where I shot the leopard. Donie says he had seen a caracal and we could stop on the way back to the lodge. After pictures we loaded up all the gear and the cat of course. I sat in the front seat of the truck Pieter drove and Donie was in the back, we passed through one corral and then just after the second one Donie tapped the roof of the truck. I got Out of the truck and could already see the cat from the side glare of the truck lights about twenty yards away under one of those black thorn bushes. My Ruger spoke again and I had my second cat.
Well done Charlie.....
Sir as you know it is all about the outfitter. As the client I depend upon the PH/Outfitter to make all necessary arrangements and set me up for success. In this regard I can not praise Pieter Delport enough. Two leopard hunts and two leopards I think tells the story. From knowing where to set up baits, when to refresh, what to bait with and tracking skills the man is simply in his element. He grew up on this family ranch and knows it like the back of his hand. He also knows the other ranches in the area and people depend upon him to help with many leopards. I would go so far as to say he must think like a leopard.
I know many people go on several leopard hunts before even getting one… I am twice blessed to have been introduced to Mr Delport and to have hunted with him.
Seven days into a fourteen day hunt and I had two target animals. Now what!? Well skinning the two cats was up next! Kitit in top photo skinned this leopard and had done a lot of the work on my first leopard. He also grew up on Farm Eintracht and is an excellent tracker.

Hans also a long time tracker there skinned the caracal. Both did an excellent job! You can see where the 300 WinMag nearly cut the caracal in half.

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