NAMIBIA: Namibia Chapter Two

Just an all around great report, and successful trip by all accounts. Congrats on the leopard Charlie. I chuckle at myself sitting on my screened porch mimicking your “rebel” yell, then looking around to make sure nobody listening. A successful leopard hunt does that to folks and I lived vicariously through yours during your whole report while waiting on my next safari. Blessings!
Thank you mort for the kind remarks.
Congratulations on your second leopard. I’m debating with myself about hunting another leopard. I hope to have my first back from the taxidermist by the end of the year.
Hi Charlie. I always enjoy your reports - very well written. Congrats on your second leopard! That’s a great accomplishment. Cheers, Scott
I hunted with Pieter in 2018 and took a bunch of great trophies. He’s the consummate Professional Hunter and give him my highest marks as well. Hope to return someday soon!
Congrats on the hunt and thanks for sharing buddy!

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Goat416 welcome to the forum ,youve got some great pics and Im sure trophy's
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Would you consider selling just the Barnes 235's and 250g TTSX's?
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Spain, i booked through a consultant, i book almost everything through him now and he's done me right. his contact 724 986 7206 if interested and he will have more info to share,
I hunted elephant with Luke Samaris in 2005. It was my fourth safari and I tell you he is a fine gentleman the best. I got the opportunity to meet Patty Curtis, although never hunted with him but enjoyed our conversation around our tent in the Selous. Very sad for a tough guy to leave this world the way he did. Let’s pray the murderers are caught. I hope to see Luke in Nashville.