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Feb 20, 2011
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Here is the review of Van Heerden Safaris:
This trip happened in September of 2011.
After spending the night at Afton Guest House, I woke to a great breakfast and flew to Windhoek, Namibia. After going through the rifle paperwork, I was greeted by the Outfitter Hentie Van Heerden. Being my first time to Africa, I got acquainted with Hentie on the 2 hour drive to the hunting camp. I was the only hunter in camp and stayed in a very nice guest house on the farm. After shooting the rifles, we went out driving and looking for game. The area we started out in was very flat but brushy and thorny. We saw many animals and I was looking forward to the next 9 days. During my hunt, we drove and spotted and stalked many times. We hunted many properties during my hunt and there were always many properties to see. Some of the properties were flat, and others were very hilly. Some were thick and brushy, others were open. I was amazed at the number of Hartebeest and Oryx we saw on this trip.
I hunted with Hentie for half of the trip and another PH during the second half. Both PH's are extremely skilled and know there stuff. Hentie is by far, one of the funniest and pleasant guys to hunt with that I have ever encountered. I felt as if we were best friends and knew each other for a long time.
The food was farm fare and was excellent. You could eat and eat, and when you returned from the hunt there was plenty of beer or whatever you liked. Beware though; Henties sundowners contain very little soda!!
The accommodations were very comfortable and warm with plenty of hot water. I stayed in 2 different areas as I was also hunting zebra which were not in the first local.
The animals were excellent and we passed on several as the PH's only wanted mature trophy quality animals. Most of my shots on this trip were facing away quartering shots that were ideal for my confidence. I had one animal I flubbed up on this trip and didn't want to make a repeater on this.
All in all, I would have to highly recommend this outfitter for people wanting to hunt across the pond. I took 7 animals on this trip and couldn't have been more pleased. From start to finish, Hentie and Denise Van Heerden showed professionalism and warm family hospitality that I was hoping for.



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Congratulations on a very successful first hunt.
Great landscape variety in those trophy pictures.
Thanks for sharing your time in Namibia last year!
Congrats for your hunt and nice trophies !

Thanks for sharing.
Some really fine trophies!
Congratulations and thanks for sharing
Thanks for the picture and the hunt report. Wow, some stunning trophies. I like the look of that red hartebeest!
Congrats on a fine hunt and great trophies, Thanks for sharing. When are you planning your next trip? you know you want to go.
Very well done. Sounds like a fantastic trip. Lots of very nice animals. Congrats.
Congratulations on your hunt! Nice trophys! Brian
If I could get off work, I would go tomorrow. But truly, I'm kind of saving for a cape buffalo hunt in the next year or two.
If I could get off work, I would go tomorrow. But truly, I'm kind of saving for a cape buffalo hunt in the next year or two.

Yeah Cape Buffalo are high on my list as well but like you thats one that this blue collar worker has to save for. One day though one day.

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