MOZAMBIQUE: Sable Hunt With Simon Leach Of Traditional Mozambique Safaris

Nice report, nice sable. Congrats!
Nice report Neil P, I am glad you got your Sable. You did the hard yards and was rewarded. I would love to do this hunt one day. By the way the Aussies played their best game for a long time last night.
Weel done Neale .
You guys were due for a win .
Congratulations! In my humble opinion the reward is substantially more gratifying hunting wild due to the Hard work put in with the very real possibility of not getting a shot off.
This is the hunting at its best!
@Abeln, clients that have hunted with me, will vouch how excited I still get out hunting, it's not a job to me, it's a passion. The main reason is because I am hunting a truly unpredictable area, forever getting surprised. The Sable bull we saw the last day stared at us front on, at least 5 minutes, his body form was huge, but he just wouldn't turn his head, he eventually turned his body, head still frontal, for a split second he turned his head, I couldn't believe the size of him, the tips went past his hind quarters.... Huge!! Another 2 seconds all we needed for the shot.. But he didn't stick around. We decided to track him, Neil knows a sable track all too well and couldn't believe the size. We bumped them twice and then I decided I had a good idea where they were headed in the afternoon, did find them, but light beat us.

This is where my kiwi guide Neil taught me a lesson, use your binoculars more... Even though you think your naked eyes are seeing everything, they don't, walk slowly and glass more.
IMO only way I’d take a sable. Free range or I pass. Just my opinion.

Absolutely !!!
same as buffalo ???

Totally agree gentlemen.......there are some species that I really don´t care about hunting conditions, but I think and consider that our fellow Simon has three treasures beyong dangerous game, that I would love to hunt free range.......Sable, those greats Livingstone Eland and Nyala......the three of them in pure free range......(y)
Toasting the All Black win or was it the Sable down??
Sorry wrong pic I think this was the toast to the AB's win
GREAT report Neil, and congratulations on your two Sable bulls!

I too was deeply touched when the guys in the back of the truck sang when we returned to camp with my Sable bull.
(I was also deeply touched but in another way by the raspberry-rums that we drank until 4:00 in the morning after I shot my Leopard).

I have done 6 hunts in Africa, and hunted three or more farms or concessions on several of my South African hunts. I brought home 9 to 13 animals from each of my SA hunts, and although I only brought home 1 animal each year that I hunted with Simon, those two hunts were by far the best hunts that I've done in Africa.
nd although I only brought home 1 animal each year that I hunted with Simon, those two hunts were by far the best hunts that I've done in Africa.

That says a lot!
Congrats Neil, that was a great hunt !

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