Michael Sipple mauled by Cape buffalo prayer request

Wishing you a speedy recovery and that was fantastic effort from the trackers.
Glad he surrounded himself with a great team who was there for him. My best wishes for a full recovery to Michael.
Prayers! Thank goodness for the trackers as well!
I hunted with Michael at the Madikwe Concession in 2022 for Cape Buffalo. Michael is a total professional and great PH so given his diligence, the situation was unavoidable given the danger of that particular wounded buffalo. Thank goodness the trackers were there indeed, and I'm saddened that he got injured but glad he is in recovery and will definitely pray for his recovery and continued health!
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Prayers for a speedy and full recovery!
Wish Michael a speedy recovery !

And yes, not the first time a PH has told me his life was saved by his trackers. Some of these men are incredibly brave professionals.
Glad to hear Michael survived. Best wishes for his quick and complete recovery. Congrats to the trackers for their response to rescuing Michael.
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Wishing Michael a speedy and complete recovery. Wounded buffalo are tough adversaries! Kudos to his trackers who had the courage to take matters into their hands and save their PH and friend.
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It seems God's ears will be ringing with prayers for Michael! Goodonya AfricaHunting.com! My prayers are for a speedy and complete recovery as well. Hunt on Michael!
Sorry to hear this, but happy to hear he seems to be recovering quick. Keeping him in my prayers and praying for no setbacks.
Our prayers for a speedy recovery.Sounds like some good news for Michael and we trust on the road to a complete health again.
Great news.

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