Michael Sipple mauled by Cape buffalo prayer request


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Jun 18, 2022
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Please a prayer request for Michael Sipple of @BAYLY SIPPEL SAFARIS. He was charged and injured by Cape buffalo.
The company statement is on FB for more info.
Moderators don’t know if I can reference FB here and don’t know how to attach. The important thing is the prayer request.
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Prayers sent.
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I spent 3 days in camp with Michael. He's a great guy and will sing in German to you if you don't stop him... from the facebook page it seems like he'll recover but might have a tough healing process ahead of him.

Have never hunted with Bayly-Sippel but have considered them as I see their sponsor posts here on AH. I saw a statement they put out this morning on Instagram. Statement indicated that he was following up on a buffalo shot by client the previous evening when it charged him from close range. He was able to put three shots into the buffalo before it got to him. He was gored in the chest but not punctured organs but did get him in the back of one thigh that required surgery after being airlifted to Polokwane. Statement praised two of their trackers who crawled in to him and grabbed his gun and were able to shoot the buffalo twice to put it down. Statement said he is doing well following the surgery and he should recover.

Prayers for him, his family and the Bayly Sippel team that Michael recovers quickly. Hate to see anyone get hurt and especially the great sponsors we have here on AH
Thnks for the update. It's often said that a PH is only as good as his trackers. Well done by Washington, who not only didn't run, but showed enough presence of mind to get the rifle and take the shots (without hitting the PH).

Best wishes fora full recovery to Mike, and a serious "atta boy" to Washington.
My heart goes out to Michael and his loved ones.
Washington not only killed the buffalo but coordinated probably 10 men to machete a trail so Mike could be brought out and applied first aid.
The reason I know this is it was my hunt. My hearing so bad from military that even with hearing aids and all around fitness level poor Mike knew I was a detriment to team. Basically no way to communicate by whispering to me. Alfred was also of tremendous value. Both can be credited with saving Mike’s life.
Totally correct and proper call to have me exit the bush so he wouldn’t be babysitting me while tracking wounded buff.
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Very sad indeed.
I wish speedy recovery.
I hunted with Bayly/Sipple last year and had a tremendous hunt. I hunted with Michael’s partner, Dempsey. I didn’t get to meet Michael but heard great things from everybody there. Their whole team is top notch. Prayers offered up for Michael, his family and the entire Bayly/Sipple team.
Hope he heals quickly with no long term issues!

Those trackers are absolute heroes and went way above and beyond what is expected of a tracker!
Prayers to Michael and the family with hopes of a speedy recovery. Special shout out to Washington!

I will keep him in my prayers

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