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Nov 1, 2017
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Dear members,
We have a saying down here that "if it sounds to good to be true, then it usually is” and this raced through my mind when I saw an advertisement on your site for "Tsala Safaris sable hunt all inclusive".

I done some research and it was a long way cheaper and seemed better in many ways from the normal outfitters and as I was planning on going to South Africa on “get away” hunts what did I have to lose by replying to Tsala Safaris advert.

After some email exchanges a date was set and the son, Brandon even came down to New Castle, picked me up and we were away, still not knowing 100% what I was getting into.

Well it turned into the most pleasant stay that any one could ever wish for and yes, I got my super black sable bull. A dream come true in many ways thanks to Brandon and the whole Nel family as well as the very pleasant extended family that I was so lucky to meet.

I not only got my sable bull but a superb bushbuck, civet cat, impala, baboons and an awesome bushpig with a few other lesser animals. This was all done at the package day rate and just paid the extra trophy fees.

So if like myself you have doubts on Tsala Safaris packages forget them as like me, you will be treated like royalty and be working out how soon you can get back for a beautiful golden wildebeest that I was very tempted with plus there are many game animals species on there farm for other hunters.

Lastly I also proved that there boundary fence is not game proof so have no fears about a fence on Tsala Safaris who get an 11 out of 10 from me.

Craig Ferguson.

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Glad the trip went well! How about a few pics of the hunt?
Glad you had a good time and were not disappointed.
We've got a saying around here too, "Pics or it didn't happen!" Just kidding, but I do second the motion for pictures.
Craig when was your hunt?
Looking forward to some pictures sir!
Pictures, pictures, pictures! Please share with us! I’d especially like to see the civet!
Sounds like a grand trip!
Sounds like you ad a good trip. Pictures...........
I have heard good things about Tsala. Sounds like a great hunt. Congrats on your trophies. We would love to see pics.
I'm going to be there in less than 2 months!!! Need pics!!
Some nice pics and trophies, congrats!
You took some great animals and that bushbuck is a stud. Glad you shared the pictures
@CRAIG FERGUSON and Bushbuck is back on the list. That impala looks great too! Great Sable! Actually they all look awesome. Thank you for posting.
Some really nice animals for sure! That is a really nice bushbuck!!
WOW! That is super bushbuck! What an outstanding trophy!
Congrats on your hunt, Craig, nice trophies !
Thanks for the report, sounds like a great hunt.
Beautiful trophies, and that bushbuck is awesome, what an old warrior!

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