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Sep 21, 2010
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My wife and I just got back last Sunday from 14 days at Tsala Hunting safaris in the Limpopo province. We flew Qatar, the flights were only about half full, we flew coach or as I like to say cattle class but both of us had our own row to ourselves and folded the arm rests up and could lay flat out and sleep which was a first for me and they were the the cheapest tickets we have ever purchased, we got them through Lori at Travel Express This being my 20th hunt in SA and Namibia my wish list was not the usual as I have taken most all the common plains game. I only bowhunt and something that has always alluded was a steenbok, I wanted one in the daytime with out a spotlight, most are taken incidentally while hunting other game. We spent parts of 3 days concentrating on them with 2 failed stalks and the 3rd day it went our way and I arrowed a nice ram. I also decided to take a zebra and I would like to say I made a good shot at 35 yards but that was not the case, the shot was too far back, after giving it some time we followed up and got another shot at 73 yards and made a perfect heart shot. I also shot a few management animals. I also took my recurve bow and when a 14 yard opportunity came along I was able to harvest a 37 inch gemsbok cow, I made a perfect double lung shot with about half of the cedar arrow hanging out the off side when it took off. I was very pleased as I wanted one with the recurve to go with my recurve kudu. A couple days later I regret that I hesitated just a moment on a nice zebra because I thought it going to get even closer and lost my opportunity with the recurve, it was only about 15 yards, my mistake. The quality of the buffalo on this place was exceptional, some huge old bulls and many up and coming ones. I had numerous big bulls come to the hides. There are a lot of buffalo on the property both cows, calves and all age class of bulls, I've seen a lot of buffalo through the years but the largest were on this trip. The other thing that amazed me was the number of sable, I probably saw 25-35 bulls not to mention the cows and calves. The property has numerous large dams and we were able to see hippos, wanted to see some crocs but they eluded us. I really loved the topography of this place as it was semi mountainous. One of the main focuses of this trip was to night hunt over bait for honey badger, civet and genet. I like the night critters and have already taken ardwolfe, serval, porcupine and bush pig on other trips, they are always a challenge with the bow. We freshened baits regularly and checked trail cameras and had brown hyena, genet, honey badger, porcupine, bush pig and civet on the baits, but like all hunting many times it was when we weren't there. Once a civet cruised past but didn't stick around long enough for a shot. It finally came down to the last night when about 8 at night a honey badger came and the shot was good, I was able to get a large male, a little while later a genet came in and I MISSED, it still haunts me. That was the last hunting day, the next day we took a game drive on the property and were fortunate to see 6 giraffe as in 2 weeks we had only seen one, then it was back to Tambo for the flight home. Two days before the flight we went and got our PCR test, it was about 35 minutes from the lodge and was quick, we were back hunting by mid morning. Have included some pictures of our accommodations, our private lodging was about 125 yards from the main lodge and was very nice! I am very grateful for Tsala for taking me bowhunting for night critters and steenbok because to be realistic the odds for success are low and many outfitters don't want to bother with bowhunting night critters or steenbk and yet they did everything they could to help me. This was our 4th hunt with Tsala and as usual they excelled in all aspects! Food was great. Great people and great outfit!!

Big Hard boss bull.jpg
Boma Tsala 3.jpg
Boma Tsala 2021  2.jpg
Boma Tsala 2021.jpg
Eland bungaloo Tsala Safaris 2021.jpg
Golden Wildebeest Tsala 2021.jpg
Hide and seek hard boss, tsala 2021.jpg
Honey Badger tsala 2021.jpg
You owe me money and I want it, Tsala 2021.jpg
Recurve gemsbok, Tsala 2021.jpg
Steenbuck Tsala 2021.jpg
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Welcome done, thanks for posting.
Glad you got someone to let you go after those guys with a bow.
You got the job done.
Congrats on a great honey looks huge! So nice to have a PH tailor a hunt to your needs rather than you fit into a "package". Well done to both you and Tsala....thanks for posting...................................FW Bill
Congrats! Nice photos! What kind of recurve is that?
Sage Samick I usally shoot my Brackenbury but decided to step down in poundage for this trip
Congrats @jeff ,

Looks like a great hunt!
Forgot to mention that I saw 3 monster warthogs, thought I was going to shoot one when at 25 yards the wind swirled.
Outstanding animals you got Jeff, well done!
Appreciate the additional info on your Qatar flight while you were over hunting. Still hoping atleast United is flying by this fall but if not will grab a seat on Qatar.
Outstanding animals you got Jeff, well done!
Appreciate the additional info on your Qatar flight while you were over hunting. Still hoping atleast United is flying by this fall but if not will grab a seat on Qatar.
Congratulations! Goi g with them in July for buffalo and Nyala!
Very nice indeed. Looks like a beautiful gemsbuck. Congrats on getting it done with your recurve. I'd say you had a very successful hunt.
Very impressive with any bow, never mind a traditional long bow. Well done

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