Michael Sipple mauled by Cape buffalo prayer request

Very sorry to hear that. I wish him the best recovery possible.
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Wow...sorry to hear that. No wonder I haven't heard back from them for a few days. Prayers for a fast recovery.
Very unfortunate situation. Prayers for Michael and his family. Kudos to the trackers for their bravery and assisting in rescue efforts for Michael.
praying now the Lord Heals you competely and brings you to full recovery, he was already there because you are ALIVE and provided a great team to rescue you.amen
Get well soon
Washington not only killed the buffalo but coordinated probably 10 men to machete a trail so Mike could be brought out and applied first aid.
The reason I know this is it was my hunt. My hearing so bad from military that even with hearing aids and all around fitness level poor Mike knew I was a detriment to team. Basically no way to communicate by whispering to me. Alfred was also of tremendous value. Both can be credited with saving Mike’s life.
Totally correct and proper call to have me exit the bush so he wouldn’t be babysitting me while tracking wounded buff.
Sorry to hear it was on your hunt. A very stressful situation for you as well. I’ve hunted with these guys twice and there are none better. My prayers are for a full recovery!
We pray for a total and speedy recovery...
At least there seems to be a happy end to this story and everyone involved can get back home and embrace their beloved ones.

Speedy recovery and lots of strength for the rehabilitation process.

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