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Discussion in 'Hunting Africa' started by chiefdale, Aug 6, 2019.

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    I don’t see prices going any cheaper on the lion. It costs a lot of money to feed animals and those prices are not getting cheaper.

    I would not surprise if sable go up or remain the same. It all depends if landowners keep the numbers high or low. Low supply equals demand and higher price. They are definitely a bargain deal right now.
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    With SCI and DSC both backing no advertising of lions in the CB Program. And not interested at all backing import of captive bred lions. They will never be importable. Sorry but that's reality. The CB programs left are selling bones and skins to China and the all of Asia. The prices I see will not go lower as they can get these prices in Bones and Skins. Eventually they will go UP as more and more get out of breeding and the market tightens for the asian lion bone market. Still they do shoot quite a few as the CB Lion ranches have shifted all their marketing away from the US and others that have banned it and "TO" countries that can import.

    Some lions ARE being imported as we have gotten some in, From Zambia, free range, but the paperwork and conservation criteria for the import is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT with many hoops and whistles that have to jumped thru and blown on the export countries research and convincing that the taking of that lion has helped the free range lions in that area to the USFW Service in the US.

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    Hello Chiefdale
    We can also accommodate you with a lion hunt.
    Like IvW said above the quality of the hunt is more important than just the price.
    We own one of the biggest lion hunting areas in South Africa.
    Our lodge is situated in the middle of the hunting area so no blacktop driving to get to the hunting area and no gates and fences to go through. Start hunting from the lodge every morning.
    The lion hunting area is 12 000 acres with no internal fences.

    Prices have dropped because of the USA ban on importation.
    If the ban is lifted prices will shoot up again.
    I do not see that lion prices will go any lower partly because a lot of breeders got out of the industry (so supply is down) and partly because the value of the bones will prevent it from going any lower. If hunting prices drop too low then a lot of breeders will just euthanize the lions for their bones. Also other countries can still import lion trophies so that also keeps the prices stable at the moment.

    If interested shoot me an e-mail ( ) and I will work out a package deal for you.
    We also have buffalo in case you want to make a closer acquaintance with Mr. Syncerus Caffer.

    Hans de Klerk

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