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  • Bob, do you live in the Sullivan area? I'm actually in the Beaufort/Leslie area.
    Any questions just ask a lot great guys on here who know the ropes!! Tanzania will be where my buff croc combo hunt will take place!!
    Bob I have hunted South Africa and Namibia both were a blast. I will be hunting the Eastern Cape with KMG safaris this May. Marius Goosen is a top notch outfitter. Prices are good and the overall experience is awesome..
    Thanks for the info! I'm really leaning toward Tanzania right now. I won't be going until 2018 so I have a while to make up my mind. I had a trip all planned and was to the point of actually booking then life intervened and I had to go into an indefinite holding pattern. This time barring death or serious injury I'm going. I just have to make up my mind where, meantime I'll be getting ready.
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Tam Dl wrote on xausa's profile.
I have been looking at an option for a 505, that doesn't break the bank (that concern my have to yield), and is more in the 50-110, or 50 Alaskan range. However not easy to find a case, other than the Weatherby, of course. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Tam Dl wrote on xausa's profile.
Hello, do you have any information on your 505 SRE cartridge. Up here in Canada, there is talk about how the various 500s may exceed the 10 000 Joule limit recently imposed. Not that they do on paper, but you never know what they may infer or claim.
Eastern Cape Hunting Report Coming soon...

Jaynecobb wrote on cal pappas's profile.
I hate to bother you....I own 2 of your books including British bore rifle. I was hoping you might have more 10 bore loads. For the heavier and later rifles. Any help would be appreciated.
Gert Odendaal wrote on Av8or's profile.
Good day , Do you still have .375 H&H Magnum brass available to sell?