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Apr 12, 2024
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I probably should have joined up here a long time ago because of my interest in classic cartridges, especially those suited for Africa. The only "African rifle" I have is a CZ 550 in 9.3x62, but I do have a number of other hunting rifles. I've come close to getting a .375 H&H a few times, but I've never pulled the trigger on the purchase. Having the 9.3x62 and a .340 Weatherby seems to make it a little harder for me to buy a rifle in a caliber that I want for no good reason than I want it.

I am more of a shooter than a hunter, though I do hunt occasionally when I can; usually with friends. In addition to voraciously reading gun magazines since I was a kid in the 70s, I've read many classic shooting and hunting books by the likes of John Taylor, Theodore Roosevelt, Townsend Whelan, etc. African Rifles and Cartridges was the reason I jumped on the 9.3x62 as soon as CZ brought it to the market, though I wish I'd have paused a moment and got the American style version rather than the Euro. Maybe the Euro is more appropriate for the cartridge.

The usual focus on family has interrupted my shooting activities for the past couple of decades, but I'm hoping to get back into it and have just recently purchased components to work up some loads for the 9.3. With a bit of luck, I'll be moving west towards Abilene, Texas where I hope to do a lot more shooting and some more hunting as well and may find opportunities to use the 9.3 on some feral hogs.
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Good day! Welcome to AH!
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Welcome! Certainly glad to have you here with us!
Thanks for taking the plunge and joining the group!
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Welcome to AH
It seems I was a little inaccurate regarding my inventory of African rifles. Looking around here, I see that the 8x57 Mauser is popular with a lot of folks. I have a Remington 700 Classic in 8x57, so I guess I can count this one as well. I haven't touched it in a while. The last time I worked with it there was a problem with vertical stringing. I bet that is a solvable problem. I am going to start with checking to make sure the action is tight in the stock. Failing that, I may consider bedding it.
Welcome to the group
Welcome, we live in Big Spring, but have cattle ranches near Abilene, usually have alot of hogs , welcome anytime to do some hog hunting, pm me w personal info and will get in touch
Hola hermono
near San Antonio & big lake Tex
Welcome to AH! Don't let "there's no good reason" to buy a rifle stop you from buying another one. The enablers here will help you with that. LOL
Welcome to AH TXTad!
Welcome to AH!

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