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Aug 18, 2011
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My name is Johan, and I am new to AfricaHunting.com

I am really impressed with what I have seen on the site, and would like to convey my compliments.

I am a big bore fan, and shoot the following open sighted calibers: 404 Jeffery (Magnum Mauser) , 500 Jeffery (Magnum Mauser), 450 Nitro Express (Ruger No1), and my pride and joy, an original Jeffery double in 450-400 3".

I also enjoy some long range shooting with my single shot 6.5 X 284, which is a real tack driver and a pleasure to use on Springbuck hunts.

As for hunting, I have actively hunted the last 20 years, mostly in the bushveld, with the highlight being an elephant earlier this year in Zimbabwe.

Looking forward to share information and stories with like minded members on the forums.
Welcome Johan, any friend of the big bore is a friend of mine !

I'm releived to see at least one true big bore amongst the list of mediums you own (tonge in cheek) !

Looking forwards to your valued contributions.

Keep your powder dry,
Welcome Johan,

looking forward to you sharing your experiences
Welcome Johan, you will love it here.
Welcome Johan to AH!
Welcome to the forum, Johan !
Welcome to AH Johan! Looking forward to reading your posts.
Johan welcome to AH...your years of experience will help all of us...

We look forward to your posts...

I take it you shoot a 404 jeffrey
Welcome Johan, anyone that shoots a 404 is a friend of mine!!!!
Gooday Johan & welcome. Wish I had a piece of your back yard.
Hallo Johan, welcome!
Welcome Johan! All the members here at AH are looking forward to your post, if you have any Pics now feel free to post some.

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