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Sep 28, 2011
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Zimbabwe, South Africa, argentina, Alaska, Australia, and of course Canada.
I just joined, and thought I should come to the front door and introduce myself. I'm a Canadian, enthusiatic hunter and incureable gun nut. I've hunted in Africa 4 times, Argentina, Alaska, and Australia, besides a few provinces and territories at home. Though it may appear to be doing this alphabetically, I am not really that organized.;)
Welcome to AH Dogleg! I am sure you will have lots of info to share! So with all of your hunting journeys, what was your favorite?
Thats a tough one. Elephants were my favorite species, but came on the worst trip of my life. Everywhere has something to offer, I try to roll with the punches, have some laughs, and collect experiences.
Welcome from another countryman.
Join in, look forward to your contributions.
Where you located Dogleg?
Welcome to AH Dogleg! Glad to have you as a member.
Welcome Dogleg to the Forums! We would love to hear some of your stories (some hell we would love to hear them all) and some pics of Your trophies as well.
Thanks for the welcome. I'm sure I'll find a opportunity to participate, once I catch up on the reading.

I'm in Saskatoon.
One more westerner in the mix.
Catch up and then start your own writing. I await the tales.
Welcome to AH!
Welcome Dogleg! Have you been to Africa? Love to hear your stories. Please share them with us

Yes, twice to South Africa and twice to Zimbabwe. I'll be back for elephant again, and more buffalo. The buffalo thing took on a bit of life of its own in the last bit, and is cutting into Africa time. We just got back from Australia where I shot 16 of them, and just need a bison (if they count) to have buffalo on 4 continents. We did a muskox trip in April,(can I count them?) which was a different sort of experience. Sledding 76 miles on a frozen ocean to get to the hunting area, just to get pinned down by an arctic storm wasn't exactly the way I would have written the script. The trouble with "adventures" is their unpredictability.;)
Welcome to the forum, Dogleg !
Welcome Aboard
Good to have so much more new comers

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