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Jun 2, 2023
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Cheers, everyone!
Found the forum by searching cartridge names. My father and I decided recently to build a dream rifle, .300 H&H, together on an old m70 action. He's always wanted one and I want to take part in huntus nostalgium. Looking around got me interested in Africa. Brought it up to the wife and she revealed she has always dreamed of going on an genuine safari! Yeah, she's a winner but it also puts a trip to Africa on the table for real! Now I'm looking seriously at DG rifle builds and locations. Gonna be a long haul to get there and maybe a once or twice in a lifetime ordeal but it's a new family travel dream. Wish me luck and thank you in advance for putting up with my lack of knowledge.
:S Welcome:
Welcome to AH Chaplain, you have a great dream there and we would love to hear of your progress.
Greetings ChaplainChawley,

Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris of Namibia, welcomes you to the greatest forum on earth.

When you have a spare moment, take a look into the Khomas Safaris website.

I strongly recommend renting a rifle from whichever safari company you end up booking with, for your first visit to Africa.

However, if you decide to bring a rifle, the .300 H&H is a very fine choice for the majority of critters found in Africa.

Best Regards,
Velo Dog.
Welcome to AH Chaplain, you have a great dream there and we would love to hear of your progress.
Thank you! Going to start slow. I've only reloaded ammunition on a fun-seeking plinker's ambition. Given the prices on Africa-rated cartridges and the benefits of handloading for a particular firearm, it seems the best place to start is loading hunting ammunition for where I live and going from there. I inherited a Mauser-based rifle from Grandpa chambered in .25-08 (.25 Souper). It was always my favorite as a child. We never loaded seriously despite my Grandpa's desire to make a low recoil deer rifle, since we mostly shot targets for fun. It's hardly relevant here but it's an obscure cartridge you can't buy ammo for. This is where my African journey begins!
Welcome to the show…get a inexpensive but quality 375 H&H and practice, practice, practice.

Hello and welcome!
Welcome to AH. Lots of knowledge on the site about all things guns and hunting.
New guys always welcome. Plenty here that will help you plan your African adventure AND spend your money.
Welcome aboard Chaplain Chawley, hunting Africa is fairly reasonably priced so you and your wife might be visiting more than than what you thought.... enjoy
Welcome, Sir!!
Giday ChaplainChawley and welcome to the A H forums.
Good day! Welcome from our side too! May you live your dream!
Welcome to AH!
Welcome aboard! It is so much easier when the wife is genuinely supportive! My wife acts like she is willing to visit Africa, if that is what I want. Then I get the feeling I will owe her a trip to the Mediterranean or something.

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