flat nose or round nose?

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    Whats the advantages of both? Is a flat nose better for penetration?
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    The main advantage of a spitzer shaped bullet is its aerodynamic qualities that help it to be more accurate at a greater distance. The elongated tip betters the bullet's stability. It also reduces the violence of the bullets disruption through the air, making it more efficient (similar to hull speed on a boat).

    Many bullets are round nosed because they were first designed for use in rifles that employ a tubular magazine. If those bullets were spitzers, users might have problems with random discharges. Hornady's flex-tip bullets increase the effective range of many traditionally round nose bullets.

    Most hunters hunt with expanding bullets, even if the bullet is of spitzer shape. When the bullet expands it is increasing its ability to cut arteries and destroy tissue and no longer resembles the spitzer design. Many dangerous game bullets will have round noses because it does do a better job at penetrating. The flatter nose will deform less drastically than an elongated nose and will therefor penetrate further and straighter. The problems of ballistics with round nose bullets are mitigated by the fact that shots on dangerous game should be fairly close.

    This isn't the most comprehensive answer, I apologize for that but this should get you started and if I am unclear, feel free to ask again, there are plenty of knowledgeable people on this site. If you are insatiably interested in bullets and rifles and ballistics a good book to read is Rifles for Africa by Gregor Woods. It is not the end all be all of bullet info, but it is a well written, clear and logical start to the conversation.

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