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  • High Major. If you can have a look atis and post it on my behalf. Someone brought some buff meat the other day. I tuck into even as it is but this time I cut a piece off and bit into it. Found this. Poachers? I cant send pics but I found a ball the size of a pea.From Zambia by the way. I took a pic of it but cant see where to upload pics. Thanks
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Damon Engel wrote on Saul's profile.
Hello! I noticed your E Type in your avatar. What year is it? I have a '69 that looks identical, minus the wire wheels. My car has the steel rims, as I understand it,a more expensive option, but I like the wire wheel much better!
pamtnman wrote on Timothy Doyle's profile.
Interested in the 450/400 dies. I have PayPal. Thank you
ve7poi wrote on ZANA BOTES SAFARI's profile.
See you in May 2022
twenty days with you time seems to have slowed now after booking lol
tarbe wrote on Royal27's profile.
Current ETA to Buc-ees is 11 am or we can meet you there about 2 hrs later in the way back.