Cz 550 rigby bolt face build

I am anxiously awaiting pictures as well!!! I guess it's off to the bench to load some rounds for it
Did you end up with the 460 Weatherby?
Yes I ended up going with the 460 weatherby, I wanted a 458 cal that would fit on my rigby sized bolt face so that narrowed it to 450 rigby, 450 dakota and 460 wby, I really love the numbers from the rigby but the availability and cost of components favored the wby most so that was my reasoning thinking I'd just load the wby to the rigby numbers and call it good
I got my hands on it and promptly mounted the scope, I apologize for the poor quality photos I am told I need a new phone. Can't wait to get it out to the range tomorrow!


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I've got 2 loads to try tomorrow
500gr barnes tsx
103gr aa2700
Fed 215gm

420gr cutting edge safari raptor
104gr big game
Fed 215gm
Pardon my ignorance, but what is "rigby bolt face" on a classic rifle such as cz550?
Both the 416 Rigby and the 404 Jeffery are great cartridges, but having both does not make sense to me - the both fill the same niche. If you want a real "big bore" I would go to .458 - the Lott or perhaps the Rigby. I like the Rigby idea, but you will have to locate brass and dies before committing.

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