Custom Rifle Set, PRE64 M70 375, 270, M52 22LR

"Grats on the sale..................about half price too...................FWB
Absolutely gorgeous, first class rifles there. Well done!
Dogcat, you're lucky I was traveling and didn't see this until it was too late. Congrats on the purchase.
Rarely do I beat you to a great rifle. I feel very fortunate!
Wow that is a great set of rifles. Very nice.
I've been inactive for a little while but here is the shotgun that I didn't list that goes with the set. I represented Winchester Classic Doubles and Parker Reproductions until the Olin-Kodensha plant in Japan went under (they sold the real estate to build a multilevel golf driving range!). Miroku is the premier gunmaker that made guns for Charles Daly, Browning and Winchester. I was in talks to represent them here and this is a gun they sent me, of course with select wood! I paid them and kept it, and later sent it to Briley and had it fitted with their chokes ($557 today for the set). It comes with 2 CYL, 2 IMP CYL, and 1 MOD, wrench and case. It sat with me in leopard blinds twice with the CYL chokes and #4 buck. I will sell it for $1900.

PXL_20240416_191758050_2 (2).jpg
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Always pulling out all the Good Stuff! Someone will be super happy with the Shotgun and Mr. Wells. What a Guy!
Beautiful gun and a great buy for anyone. Thats nicer than most Citori’s at a very good price.
A fantastic trio

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Do you still have this rifle? I'm in the KC area on business and I'm very interested.
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I didn't get drawn for Wyoming this year.

Are you planning to hunt Unit 4 this fall?

(Thinking about coming out)
another great review