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Two Leopard currently on bait in Tanzania.



The largest leopard of the year. That's a Hartebeest leg to put the cats size in perspective.
Picture taken in September.


Nathan Askew
Bullet Safaris
Bullet Safaris Leopard hunt Tanzania 2017

Another great leopard hunt by Bullet Safaris in 2017 - hunts like these save habitat and protect animals by funding and supporting the protection of large areas of wilderness that the governments struggle to control and that photo tourists don't want to go vacation in. Hunts like these fund millions of dollars for habitat protection and animal conservation - get the facts on hunting...preferably not from your Face Book feed!

Elephant Poaching - how it works and why hunting is needed to save animal poplulations in Africa

What separates hunters and poachers? National Geographic gets it wrong, CNN gets it wrong and there is a good chance you have got it wrong...WATCH, LISTEN, and LEARN. Hunters are conservationists that pay to protect animals and conserve a renewable resource. Poachers are thieves who steal from the earth without giving back. Anti-hunters are uneducated in what really works, they are emotionally driven to ignore the facts and say ridiculous things.

Lion vs. Hippo

A hippo gets in an argument with a couple Lions...who is the king of beasts? This wild interaction took place in a wild area paid for by hunting.

Leopard Hunting

This hunting is legally conducted in government owned and professionally managed hunting areas. This type of hunting protects the wildlife and promotes conservation. contrary to public misconception - in areas of Africa that allow hunting these animals are doing well and are actually protected against poaching. With the help of the local governments, wildlife department of Tanzania and the efforts of our anti poaching teams these animals are being protected and managed for future generations.

Great videos Nathan!
Turn up the volume!

Day break in Tanzania at one of my many baits
Leopard in the tree, hippos to the right and lions everywhere else.

Hunting Cape Buffalo in Tanzania

Almost doubled up on Buffalo...shot a good bull, then this tank appeared.

You never know what is behind the next bush out here in the wilderness.

This safari ended up with 2 buffalo, 1 leopard, huge kudu, zebra, dikdik, oribi, eland, hyena and hartebeest...probably a few other things as well.

Packing my personal gear for the hunting season in Tanzania

Packing my personal gear for the season in Tanzania. 15 years as a Professional Hunter in remote areas has hammered home the fact that the right gear is essential for day to day operations as well as emergencies...yes, I am actually an Eagle Scout #beprepared !

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We have taken 5 trophy buffalo in the wilderness of Rungwa GR with 3 clients in the first week of our season.

Dagga Boy taken last week in TZ with Bullet Safaris

Taking a break in a river bed in the middle of no where Tanzania...just where we like to be.


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