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Dec 18, 2019
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Borrowed this from someone, too true not to share:
What people don't realize is that C21 applies to everyone in Canada. Not just gun owners. It applies to every single 37.6 million citizens of Canada. They will lose the rights of unreasonable search and seizure of your home and property without a warrant. A right that is guaranteed in our Constitution. Red and yellow flag laws proposed in C21 do exactly that. A police officer or any Peace officer will be able to demand entry to your home and search, ANY Canadian citizens home or property, Licensed gun owner or NOT, because your family doctor, dentist, school teacher or pissed off neighbor made a phone call. Bill C21 is trying to circumvent the the Charter Rights of ALL Canadians. Not just Licensed gun owners. And the entire population of Canada NEEDS TO KNOW THAT. Not just legal gun owners.

Isn’t it wonderful living in a country that is being flushed down the sewer into a world of liberalism and insanity! Led by a corrupt dictator, Jihadist Justin.
20 years ago I just had a different opinion than liberals, but now I a racist, if I don’t think my hard earned tax dollars should go to free loading lazy people that won’t work and just want a handout or every special interest group.
At least we can hope, we will be at the top of the list, of 3rd world shitholes!
“Colofornia” USA passed the same law! It is currently being contested. After last week’s terrorist murders in Boulder, our cowering congress is going to hit us with more gun laws and possible confiscation.
So sad for the ten who lost their lives, but if only 1 person other than the officer would have had a CCW, it possibly would have saved several lives.
Where is the evidence this will apply to all citizens. The attached article does not seem to say so.
Where is the evidence this will apply to all citizens. The attached article does not seem to say so.
It doesn’t apply to all citizens , natives for example are not required to abide by this bill. Which is another division tactic the liberal government is employing.

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