Best make for Doubles


James Purdey, Holland & Holland , John Rigby & Westley Richard are classics and trusted makes over the decades & years , Kreighoff, Merkel, Searcy & Chapuis are master rifle makers of today too , its the budget and the inclination to possess a fine art of work with solid performance which you have to contemplate upon to have a fine DBBL rifle for yourself and for your posterity .
Do let us know what you finally procure .

Hmm. Seems like every PH should ask his client to get a Blaser so he doesn't get shot the second they load and forget to put on safe in the heat of the hunt. A PH may have different requirements then the Hunter.
Unfortunately, like most things of quality, in double rifles, one gets what one pays for. There are some great English doubles still to be found, but unfortunately, too many have seen the bumbling attentions of shade tree gunsmiths - particularly here in the US. If new to doubles, guns or rifles, I would get some truly informed advice before investing in a gun. Of course if budget is no issue, then H&H, Purdey, or William Evans will be delighted to take your order and deliver you a perfect rifle in a couple of years. The merkel and K-gun offer a mechanical solution that works in a new rifle which will be in the same price range as a non-premium used English maker. The K gun is probably a some what better built rifle, but it takes some real effort to master. That cocking piece, slash safety is different than almost any other gun you will use. It is very safe, but does take some effort to make its use instinctive. I have a merkel with which I am very comfortable. It probably isn't quite as well made as a K-gun, but it is just like using one of my sxs shotguns, which makes it very comfortable.
Thank you for the clear headed response. I have 7+ big 5 to take this year and do not want a PH to assist til at my feet, otherwise, what's the point. I bought a 470NE S2 Blaser as I am experienced with the Blaser safety and grew adept at it. Regardless, as the sages wisely point out, I have not put the necessary 200 rounds through and will not use it in the field until proficient. I know my 458 and 375 in my heart and soul to "hit" where I will them to. Regardless, preparation will happily get me on the field, confidently whacking the big stuff. It's preparation kills the beast.

Congratulation for procuring a fine 470 NE Blaser, and may you have a great safari and bag all classic trophies.

Thank you Monish. Heaven knows if I use it. New guns are a sin. You want to Do it, but better you don't.
Love is a trustworthy gun.
With proven ammo, a Marriage.
David K Reinke
Copyright 5-13-2010

Why are the new guns a sin ???? your ideology is remarkable for firearms LOL, but very factual , the kill factor depends on the rifle you are use to and the rifle thats use to you, as my signature says " Its not the rifle but the man behind the rifle" you are the one who can derive a perfect hit or a miss.
I am in love with my .375 H&H chambered Weatherby MarkV deluxe , can make the bullet go home to the spot I wish to hit and this rifle has never failed me. Another rifle Iam getting to know better is my new .460 Weatherby Magnum , a fine caliber .
On what game do you intent using your classy 470 Blaser??

Happy Hunting !!!!

A sin because your cheating on your reliable guns. I wanted a double for a second gun to be handed to me when first is empty and to approach/ finish dangerous game. 2 Elly, 2 Buff, 2 Lion and 1 rhino this year.
Should be some Adrenaline...

Oh!! So you want your trustiees to take the first shot ? I can well imagine the first LOVE !! all the best BWANA for a great safari and your game list is very impressive of every hunter dream .
May you with your .470 bag fine trophies of your life time .I bet that should & would make you adrenalized.......

Happy Big 4 Hunting !!!!

Ray: do you know anything about the Sabatti 470 NE double being sold by Cabela's for around $5500.00. Looks nice but have no way of knowing if it is any good!! I have a 416 Rem and a 375 Ruger so I really don't need a double....but there is that "need word" again.


Silver Tip
Don Kitchen
Collbran, CO
I know this is late, but how about this double



I'm having a Verney-Carron built for me at the moment. Very nice rifle and will post pictures when it comes through.
Merkel is a great option for the $$.
I love old English doubles, but I havent seen a prettier gun than the Verney-Carron deluxe version....and they make it in .577 NE! I want one!
I find it interesting that there are no mentions of Heym doubles in this thread. Thoughts?
I think Heym rifles in general are very well made. And I think the doubles are very nice! I don't we have too many owners on this forum for some reason.

I don't own a double...but would consider a Heym...high on the list...if I was buying one.
I know virtually nothing about doubles but thought I'd share this experience from SCI. While there I stopped by the Winchester booth to ask a few questions. At first it seemed that neither of the two reps were even going to acknowledge my presence and I was the only one there. Well after a minute or two checking out there display, one of the reps introduced himself. I mentioned I owned a few Winchesters and then started to explain about a feeding issue I'm havining on my new .375 Safari Express. Now I am a Winchester fan, this feeding issue I'm sure is solvable one way or another and this was in no means meant to be a gripe session. I was only looking to see if he had heard of any of the new .375's with this issue and if so what he'd recommend. Well he sat back down in his chair and it was quite evident he wanted nothing to do with this conversation and offered me nothing useful.

Now in contrast to this, a few moments later I found myself wandering the Krieghoff booth to checkout their doubles. One of the reps made his way over in short order and politely asked me if I had any questions. I confessed to my ignorance of doubles and that really at this time it was not in the budget, but perhaps someday and that I was just taking a look around. His response was something along the line of no problem, if you'd like I'd be happy to take the time to explain the gun and caliber choices. The next 10 minutes or so was in my opinion the definition of good customer service with no pressure.

Now if that "someday" ever comes around where I become serious about owning a double, guess who will make my short list. I sure hope the quality of their rifles reflect the professionalism of at least this one particular rep.
Heym are great but the price is a "step up" from the likes of Heym, Krieghoff, Chapuis and Verney-Carron. However they do come standard with Intercepting Sears for the Safety. which generally add a few thousand dollars to the price.
I like Westley Richards/they make a very fine gun--thats what I'd buy if I had the cash and were buying new... I dont have the coin for one but, I dont know your pocket book. For pure ROI look for a nice used H&H you can shoot it for 5-10 years and if bought right you will get your money back, not a bad for free. I bought my first double quite a few years ago a nice english (Willams Evans) 470 shot it for 6-7 years and sold it. I got almost double what I paid for it, maybe not that way now, but english guns are always in demand.

Sometimes a nice FAMARS, Hambrush, or Fanzoj will come onto the market for a good price, they are well worth snatching up! I saw about 5 years ago a nice Hambrush 500 go for less than 11K, it would cost close to 30,000 us to build one now. I saw a Fanzoj boxlock sell in a benfield show for 10,500 US it was a super looking gun but the lenght of pull was short.

Nothing wrong with the K-gun or Merkel too for the price they are good guns. They can be found for well under 10K. Searcy makes some nice guns. I had a 577 boxlock of his for a time, it was a hell of a good shooter, and Butch stands by his product--which is refreshing. His PH grade is a very nice gun with made to order barrel length, LOP, and caliber selection.

Heym makes a fine gun too. Just not real hip on the cocking ind.. at the back of the action, and they are kind of in no mans land on pricing. Most are between 16K-30K.. I'd rather have a searcy for the same to a bit cheaper on the lower end, and I'd much rather have the base FAMARS gun on the Top end, but no question that Heym is a great gun.

VC guns are very nice and I think if I were looking at a mega bore 577/600 I look in there direction. They seem to be very well made...There action is a little boxy for me though.

I'm a died in the wool Blaser fan, and it has taken me a long time to warm up to the S2, but after years of bashing it I will concede and say that I'd own one. I dont like the barrels, and I dont like the push to cock, but the 3 that I've put through the ringer and shot--all were the most accurate doubles I've ever shot. One 500/416 was scary accurate. We busted softball sized rocks out to 75/100 yards with open sight with no problem.
Have fun shopping!

I own a Heym. I have a safari grade 500 Nitro. Purchased through Chris Sells at Heym USA. Very well made and great balance. I'm surprised that the Heym has not been mentioned.
I spent a bit of time at D.S.C this year looking at various doubles on display and have to agree with several of the previous posters, that the Heym appears to be a high quality product with a reputation to match.
The finish, the feel, the balance and attention to details appears to be of quite a high standard.
With regards to Chris Sells, I can only say he is a gentleman in every respect.
When I asked him stupid questions like "would they build a 9lb .500", he did raise his eyebrows but responded with the tact and diplomacy of a doctor informing his patient he had a terminal disease.
And this was at a stage when they were quite busy with serious buyers attending their booth.

If you can afford it the Heym seems to be the way to go for that "lifetime" Jumbo/buff buster !
If you can't, then maybe save for a few more years.

Shopping for a nice double can be both enjoyable AND (at least for someone like me, who really can't afford one) very painful !

Good luck with your quest.

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