Average Shot Range in East Cape SA

You really need to talk with your outfitter now and have a good discussion with your PH at the start of your hunt about shots you are comfortable with and not comfortable with. Telling your PH you want to stay within 200 yards is not an unreasonable request at all. The eastern cape has too many terrains to answer an average shot distance unless you ask your outfitter. I’ve only done one hunt there but my shots ranged 50 to just over 300 yards. I could definitely see the possibility of 500 yard shots if a PH and hunter were comfortable with taking those shots in the Karoo. My longest first shot in Africa anywhere has been 360 yards. Most PHs in any area though want to stay inside 300 yards from what I’ve seen.

Here is coastal area I hunted

Here is Karoo area I hunted
Looks like I will be taking my own. As an archery guy I would never think of going in the field without one.
There are very few trips I don’t take a rangefinder. It’s been invaluable in several areas especially when PH didn’t have one. There are others areas in Africa though where 200 yards would be a very long shot and it doesn’t add value. I think it added a lot of value in eastern cape.
The Eastern Cape is an excellent place for a range finder. My experience included a Vaal Rhebok at under 40 yards (he was walking down a ridge with his lady friends and we were hiding behind a big rock), to 450 for a Common Springbok, and everything in between. If I had to pick an average I’d say 150 to 250 yards. As others have said don’t cut the barrel down, very unlikely you’ll carry the rifle for more than an hour or two (tops) per disembarking.
@375Fox how many ticks can you count in your picture of the coastal area? :) And boy don’t they start abandoning ship in a hurry when the host is dead!
362 was furthest successful shot, 470 was a clean miss. Most were 100-225. PH had laser range finder built into leica binoculars. Remember you will be on sticks and PH May support your elbow.
Enjoy and trust your PH they will make sure it works!
The warthog I ate was turned into brats and breakfast sausage and was excellent. Meat there is cooked over hardwood fire, not a propane grill and the improvement in flavor is huge. All the game meat I have eaten there has been outstanding. I carried my own rangefinder by my ph uses rangefinding Leica binos and I rarely pull out my own rangefinder.
Most of my hunting at home is also archery but I really enjoy the rifle hunting there where lots of opportunities exist and fascinating animals. Some animals much more wary than others
+1 to what @Firebird said. During my trip to the Eastern Cape, my longest shot was over 300 yds to a Nyala, and my shortest was to a Warthog at under 100 yds.

I'd suggest practice, and practice some more from the sticks and know the ballistics of your bullet and caliber.
My PHs always had rangefinders or they had binoculars equipped with them. I've been hunting sixty years without a rangefinder (or chronograph!). Done just fine. But like OP I was historically not a long ball hitter. The terrain and way I hunted just didn't afford that opportunity. He can take his own but I strongly suspect it will wind up staying in camp/lodge if PH is equipped. Something to slow you down, get lost, or broken. I have 10x42 binoculars (never hunted with binocs until Africa) in a holster on my belt (I do NOT like chest harness that restricts ventilation) with a small five round ammo wallet. Besides that I carry the clothes I'm wearing, identification, and a comb. The comb is fast becoming a decoration but everything else is functional and economical (mass not money).
Good luck, and enjoy your hunt on the Eastern Cape. It is a special place from the Karoo to the mountains. I used my 300WM for all my critters there. 100yds to 350yds. Zero at 200yds, and you'll knock over everything you shoot at. As mentioned before, practice shooting off the sticks as much as possible.
What @375Fox posted, discuss with your PH/outfitter the ranges that you are comfortable and proficient. The EC terrain can present some really short and long shots.
You don't need to take any long shots anywhere in Africa including East Cape if you don't want to because opportunities are endless.
If you are good to go on the sticks up to 150-200 you'll be fine.
Also if you are hunting in Karoo you might need a bipod for long shots, probably the only place in Africa you can use it.
I will say that on my first hunt all but one of the 7 animals were shot with me sitting on the ground and using the sticks as additional support. The impala was too close and the brush we were sitting behind was too tall so I stood up for the very close shot.

But for the most part we were either in open country or above the animals looking down into the thick brush.
When I was there with KMG last may, the shots ranged from 30 yards - 305.. I would say that if you have the skillset and are equipped for it, you might be presented with opportunities to take longer shots.

Also what specific game animals you are after and the terrain they inhabit might influence the shot distance as well
I'd say just listing an average shot distance is misleading, the terrain varies so greatly it's all dependent on the situations of each hunt. I've taken 26 animals in the Eastern Cape and my shots have ranged from 5 yards to over 500, most were between 100-300 but there were several right at or just over 300 yards. So, to just say the average shot is 180 yards is a bit misleading when the range is so great.
I’ve hunted the EC once with a friend, between us we shot 18 animals ranging from 25yds (nyala) to 287yds (waterbuck) . I found no reason for a range finder, all of my PHs in South Africa have had good range finding binoculars so they would call the range and all we had to worry about was shooting.
By the way the warthog sausage at Game 4 Africa is on par with the best sausages out there!
When I was there with KMG last may, the shots ranged from 30 yards - 305.. I would say that if you have the skillset and are equipped for it, you might be presented with opportunities to take longer shots.

Also what specific game animals you are after and the terrain they inhabit might influence the shot distance as well
We will be with KMG on both my trips. First one with the fiance is specifically for her to get a Kudu. That is all she wants since she saw one (taxidermy) at a sportsman's show. After she gets that I get to play, looking for a couple of Wildebeest and a Hartebeest. Don't know what it is about them but I think they are awesome animals. Zebra is next on my list along with a couple Warthogs. Add a couple Impalas just because if you go to Africa, you need an impala.

The next trip is all about me and I am thinking about making that one just for a big buff. Watched a few shows about it 40 years ago as a teen and it scared the crap out of me, so of course I have to do it! Not much interested in the rest of the big 5 but the buffs call to me to accept the challenge. Who am I to say no?
I’m a little surprised to learn how many shots members here take beyond 300 yards, presumably with the help of a laser range finder (4xx yards measured to the yard). I’ve never hunted in Africa with a laser range finder, or with a PH that used one. Goes to show its one big continent with many, many different experiences and challenges.
I've only hunted in Zimbabwe. Last time wss a new area for me, so I left my range finder on my hunting belt where it normally is. Never even thought about taking it out of the pouch. While hunting the longest shot was on a bushbuck at about 200 yards. The property manager asked.me to take an impala ewe for camp.meat. I saw one that didn't know we were there at around 300 yards. Bang flop. That was the.longest shot I've ever taken in Africa.

Like you, it always surprises me to read about guys in South Africa having to take shots at over 400 yards. I have hunted deer in the chaparral of Northern California and the Cascades of Washington where such shots are fairly common, but I sure don't expect it when I think about hunting in Africa.
Have always wanted to hunt with Marius and co. Lots of outstanding hunt reports on here and positive feedback. Someday I will make a trip to hunt with him-
Wise choice going with KMG. We will be wtih them in 2 weeks, and buffalo is first on the list. If you can shoot well to 300 yards, that will be all ever really needed.

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